Is 5 years to big for an age gap?

Not at all.You have another baby if that’s what you want.Why should the age gap even matter…

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My mam had my youngest brother when I was 19 so no xx

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My mom just had her 2nd 21 years after me. He’s so happy and loved. Go for it and enjoy every minute.

I have 2 kids boy is 10 yrs old and My daughter will be 7 years old in October and I’m am due with my 3rd boy in August…

Mine are 10 years and 10 days

No body worries about a 5 year gap between their first and their third child so why would it make a difference for a first and second??

Nope 9 between my 2nd and 3rd…
5 between my 5th and 6th…

I have a 9, 7 and 1 year old. Its great, the older boys play with the youngest one and also help out with him

I have 3 boys

My oldest and my youngest will be 13 years apart and my 2nd child and the baby will be 8 yrs apart. My first and second are 5 yrs apart

Nope my older two a 14months then my next one I didnt have till 4-5 years later and i had him back to back with his younger sister. So it’s actually quite interesting my younger two kiddos play well with my older two but they also each play with the sibling closer in age

I have 5 years between my oldest and my twins and I think that gap is great

Mine are a 12 year gap. Its been hard.

My older brother and I are 7 years apart and my brothers are 10 years apart :grin: we didn’t get along too well growing up but now we are all super close and I couldn’t image my life without them :blue_heart:

Girl I had the worst birth with my son and never ever wanted to go through it again and I waited 6 years it’s amazing

My kids will be 10 years apart.

Do what feels right for you. I’ve got a 12 year old and a 9 year old and I had my twins 5 months ago and the older two are great they love helping and the twins get extra cuddles which they love.

I am 9 years older than my brother and 13 years older than my sister. Unfortunately my brother lives in a different country and we aren’t as close and we were when we both lived in the same country. With my sister even though I am almost 30 and she is only 17 I am VERY close and talk daily

No not at all. Having kids close together in age doesnt always mean they will get along. Our four kids are all 2 years apart and fight like cats and dogs! :woman_shrugging:

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Who cares about age. It’s about what works for you. My kids are 23,19,15,7,3. Talk about a gap lol!