Is a 6:30 bed time too early?

I see a lot of moms on here sending in a post about sleep schedules, and I’m just wondering if it’s not normal for my 1 yr old and almost 3 yr old to be in bed by 6:30-7:30 at the latest? We wake up around 6 am, nap time 10:30, bathe them together & bedtime 6:30 for my youngest. Then snack, snuggles, and bed for my toddler at 7:30? People… even family are baffled because of early bedtimes? This has always been normal for us. When my toddler sees its dark outside, she starts saying she’s sleepy. It was the schedule I set for my oldest daughter (the toddler) and just carried on after having our 1 yr old. I’m a young mom, a young wife without friends with kids, so I’m not sure if I should be extending bedtimes or sticking to what we know??


Normal! Our 8 month old is in bed by 6:30, we are up at 6am. Babies need sleep!!!

My son is 8 and since he was 1 hes been going to bed at 730. Only time he stays up later is if he stays at someone’s house for the night


My kids all are in bed by 7 ages 9 down to 2. They are all up at 6am for school. If I don’t have them in bed by at least 7:30 the morning is hell on wheels

My 3 and 5 year old go to bed at 7:30pm latest. They’re normally in bed by 18:45. Tonight my 3 year old fell asleep at 18:00 on the dot. They both wake up between 06:45 and 07:00 :blush:

When I’m lucky they’ll wake up at 07:30 :wink:

At 1 with DST mine was out at 5pm.

Not at all! My friend puts his 4 (5 year old in December) in bed by 7:30. Parents need time to decompress too

I wouldnt change their schedule, especially if the routine is working well for your family. I don’t think that’s too early


I wouldn’t change the system if it’s working ! . Maybe if you needed a later wake up time you could try later and even then doesn’t mean the kids are going to sleep in any longer lol

My baby (almost 3) goes to bed at 9 and we get up at 6:45. It really depends on the child. My now 2p year old needed more sleep so he was always in bed earlier than 9 as a toddler.

Sounds right to me. 630-730

My mom put me and my sisters in bed by 8:30 every week night until we were about 12 or 13.

My little girl has always went to bed at 7 unless she has a really late nap, she’s 2.

What works for you is the best dont worry about what other say …you guys also get up early mayne once the 3 year old goes to school maybe do 8 …just depends on the child too

Awesome they consistency and structure IS SO important!!

If she goes to bed 6.30 then it’s bedtime. Mine goes to bet 1am. That’s our bedtime.

Can I just ask? How great is that??? Lol mine go to bed around 8-9 but 6:30 seems like a dreammmmm

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It won’t last like this forever. So take advantage

Momma do what works best for you and your littles. No one knows their needs more than you!!

Aound like my schedule but are up earlier