Is anyone else hyper sensitive?

For me, it’s usually loud noises, and sometimes it’s touch. It’s like an over-stimulated feeling that gets my anxiety extremely high. I’ve never heard of being a hypersensitive person before until my therapist told me about it. I’m still learning about it, and I’m not sure how common it is. I know I’m not the only one, but I sure feel like I’m alone with this.


I’ve never been diagnosed but I absolutely can relate.

I’ve never been diagnosed but I don’t like being touched or loud noises either. Never have

Its called SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER. My son and I both have it.

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Loud noises making you jump can be from PTSD. I even yelp sometimes-kind if embarrassing.

I feel like mine intensified after my csection a year ago

Yes! I am the same way…SPD. My 5 yr old has it as well

I have it. More so when my anxiety is high. Loud noises, more than one noise at a time. I get highly anxious and sometimes a bit of rage.

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My son has it it comes part and parcel to anxiety

Its called sensory overload. I get it all the time. Very common for people with anxiety.

It’s horrible! Makes holidays very stressful and not fun with a lot of people and little room.

I have described it as sensory overload.

It’s sensory processing disorder. My son who’s autistic with adhd has SPD and he’s that way with noise.

Me! I like staying in controlled environments.

I can not handle loud noises, or a lot of noise…it gives me an instant headache. I get very anxious and feel like I have no control over my surrounding. I also do not like to be touched a lot. I feel confined when my hubby tries to cuddle me. It’s ok for a few minutes then I can’t anymore.

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I CAN NOT stand loud noises or unnecessary noise :weary:

I do not like loud noises especially loud bass. I went to a show once with loud, high bass music and i started having a panic attack, i needed to distract myself before i lost control… that has never happened before. I only like to be touched by certain people and get very uncomfortable when other people do. And never touch me when i am sleeping.

Some days. Everything gets to me all at once and I feel like I’m going to burst.

This! Yes it’s caused by my anxiety

We call it sensory overload. And I feel you boo!!! My husband can take one look at me and be able to tell, and he’s pretty good about taking over so I can go to a quiet room and breathe till I’m not about to spontaneously combust :upside_down_face: