Is baby cereal safe?

Soo i had a question for the mommas I recently seen a video on fb of a mother using a magnet and there was iron in the baby gerber wheat cereal. I just recently started feeding my baby the gerber banana cereal and I noticed little chunks of black so I put the magnet to the test and there was chunks of iron in my daughters bottle following the magnet and I immediately got grossed out and threw it out what are everyone’s thoughts on that? Is it safe? (I’m a new mom so I just want to know whats best for my daughter)


Good question. I’m starting my baby on cereal too. So I would love to see what you ladies think!

Its 100% safe. Our bodies need iron or the blood gets to thin. Iron is in every thing look at labels and vitamins. Iron also fights lead which is bad


Yes is safe. Generations have been fed on this.

I only use the baby oatmeal and not the rice the rice can have arsenic


If you have concerns ask her Doctor.


People need iron it’s absolutely crucial for your blood otherwise you become anaemic.

Have to have iron. No iron = red blood cells don’t work

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Tons of babyfoods are recalled all the time…everything from formula to babyfood…its actually cheaper to make your own babyfoods and such…


It should be fine. I feed all three of mine that when they was baby’s

Iron rich foods are healthy for the brain… There is heavy metals in everything unfourtnately, but you dont want to worry about that till you are feeding your baby real table foods… So around 18 months you can do things to get heavy metals out of the body… But until then baby formula, breast milk, cereal and all that is important…

If you are breastfeeding it’s not necessary, it’s full of empty calories. (Lactation consultant) lol speak with your dr if you have concerns tho! We went with baby led weaning after the 6m mark tho & it was amazing

It’s all good and don’t let people berate you. They didn’t know it all themselves at the start either! Iron is a good thing.

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Formula is not safe. We were made to feed babies from our bodies & we are quick to shove formula down our kids throats. I’m one of the mothers who formula fed all 3 of my kids now I look back I just wish I would have stuck with breast feeding

I fed all my children cereal and never had an issue. If u r really concerned then ask the baby’s dr. Also listen to ur baby. If something isnt right they let u know. They always will let u know if something is wrong

Perfectly fine honey!

They always fortify baby formulas with iron
when my son was growing up we had to put him on extensive iron as he had no iron in his body at all so don’t give a baby or child too much iron but it’s something that your body needs

It’s safe. Generations have grown up on it, and you have to have iron to be healthy.

Ask a pediatrician but dont do rice bc theres nothing in it but empty carbs. Oatmeal is best.

It’s supposed to be there