Is being induced as bad as people say it is?

I’m 38+4 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I might need to be induced this week once I reach the 39 marks, but I’m terrified. I do not want an epidural for so many reasons I keep hearing people say u can’t get induced and not get an epidural due to the pain. I really don’t want to do an epidural. Is it as bad as people say it is to be induced? Is it really not manageable? I have pretty high pain tolerance, and I had my first with no epidural or pain meds. Also, do they typically allow u to be in a tub if ur induced?


Being induced does hurt but you get thru it.

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I was induced with both my kids. To me it didn’t hurt.

Don’t let them induce that baby will come out when it’s ready

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I was induced and could not handle the pain. But it’s different for everybody!

I was induced at 40+1 weeks! I did not get an epidural or anything for pain.

I’ve had 3. Induced with 2. Didn’t seem much different.

I was induced with 2 out of 3 of mine and had no issues to me it was better and went quicker

Been induced all 3 times. It’s not awful.

I was induced with both of my pregnancies and my labor and deliveries were so easy. Completely unmedicated

I was induced with other of mine and I last second got epidural which did nothing

I was induced and was able to be in the tub to help with pain in the beginning. I ended up with horrible back labor so I ended up with an epidural but that was my choice. Talk over all the options with your doctor with your induction

I was induced with my second, didn’t have the epidural and my labour was much faster, it seems more painful because you can progress quicker, the midwives and doctors know if you need to stop, my drip was on for half an hour and nature took over, dont panic and don’t feel you have to have pain relief you don’t want

I got induced and didn’t have an epidural. You can go into labour naturally and want an epidural, it just depends on how you handle pain :woman_shrugging:

I had to be induced with my second born and she was far less painful. I didn’t need an epidural. And it only took about 8 hours of labor and 5 minutes or less of pushing. I was terrified because I heard all the horror stories about induction, but it was not bad for me at all. I hope yours goes just as well!

I was induced with 3rd baby was fine dont be afraid and dont go by how others got on. You need to put yourself in the right frame of mind and think i can do this no bother to me. Only one i was induced for and it was my fastest delivery less than a hour. You will be fine best of luck :blue_heart::purple_heart:

I was induced twice. It was awful.

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I was induced with my first and it wasn’t as bad as my second. He was all natural. They let you get an epidural with inducement. But the hospitals we have here don’t have baths

I was induced with my second and didn’t get an epidural, the pain lasted longer but it is manageable

I was induced with my first and ended up with the epidural. Mainly because my labor was long and hard (36 hours) and I was so exhausted I needed to be able to relax to rest so I could push her out