Is breastfeeding and smoking marijuana safe?

My mother in law called my husband, and I am asking for advice on what to do. My brother in law and his wife have a two-month-old baby girl, and we all just found out she’s breastfeeding and smoking marijuana around the baby. My mother in law asked her about it when she observed her smoking at her house, and she told her that only a small percentage of TCH ends up in the baby’s system. She seemed slightly offended that she brought it up to her. She left my mother in laws house and went to a friend’s house to continue smoking. My mother in law wants to talk to both of them and tell them she doesn’t think it’s right that she’s smoking, but she doesn’t know if she should speak up. She’s concerned for the baby. Any advice?


I work in an OB office and thc def transfers from breast milk into baby. Even more than alcohol actually. A lot of drugs transfer from breast milk. I also have a good friend in cps and she confirmed that as well.


Smoking around the baby is wrong. Any type of second hand will hurt the child. She needs help if she won’t stop for the sake of her child


It’s none of your guy’s business. I use cannabis and breastfed my first for 17 months. He’s over 2 years old now and extremely smart and healthy. I also exclusively breastfeed my 4 month old and still use cannabis and he’s healthy and meeting milestones early. :woman_shrugging:t3: As long as she’s not using it around the baby, I see no issue and what she chooses to do isn’t up to any of you.


There are no 100% proven studies yet. But the few that have been done show such a small amount goes into the breast milk that it’s unlikely to affect the baby. Now if she’s smoking a joint while nursing there’s a whole different story. :woozy_face:


Myob is what I say, there’s kids out there getting abused at minimum and your worried about thc in breast milk.


It’s TRUE that only a small amount of thc gets into the more… in addition to the fact that cannabinoids are NATURALLY produced and found in breastmilk. Over the counter pharmaceuticals are way worse. Some research should be done before they stick their nose into business that isn’t theirs.


She probably smoked while she was pregnant too


Did you know that there are cannabinoids in breast milk?


Baby will be fine. While i don’t think it is the best idea purely for legality reasons. It will not harm the baby. Thc is a natural chemical the body makes. It does transfer through breast milk, but wont harm the baby. She shouldn’t be smoking in the same vicinity as the baby. Second hand smoke isn’t good for anyone no mater if tobacco or vape or pot.

However not your baby not your business. No physical being done to the child. People need to worry about their own flaws. Drinking is far more dangerous


It’s none if yall own business…is this kid is your but not then still kept your nose out of it…
Actually by the way I smoke cannabis also alot people had called cps on me yet I still have 4 children and my all docters and my children speical dr is on my side sooo cannabis is better than smoke,alchohol end of it…why cannabis grow where from think about it :joy::woman_facepalming: god make them cannabis for some reasons on this earth lol :ok_hand:


That’s disgusting, definitely not safe, I’d report them, drugs and alcohol goes through the breast milk and will affect the baby. If you can’t give up your stupid druggy life, then don’t have kids and ruin theirs


So what mind your own business


Do you people get paid for asking these dumb questions


Talk to them ,baby is smoking pot to


Theres canaboids in breast milk …


If your going to do crap like that bottle feed the poor baby a normal mother puts their child first


Cannabinoids are naturally in breast milk. Just FYI. That’s why new studies show that it isn’t taboo like it was once thought to be. Do research. Also U don’t know why she’s even smoking marijuana. Some people use it medicinally. And better than some meds would be if they’re transferred.


Good luck with call CPS… those people can chagred you for call on them false accusations :ok_hand:


Why take the risk? Your baby should come 1st…if you have to smoke weed put baby on bottle :roll_eyes: