Is diarrhea a sign of early pregnancy?

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Yes. With my second baby I had severe diarrhea off and on for the first two months. In fact I was convinced I had colon cancer ( I’m a nurse and I had the same symptoms she had before she was diagnosed. My doctor said get a pregnancy test before we did any invasive test. And low and behold it was positive. Wasn’t the news I wanted at the time but I had a beautiful baby girl a few months ago and she is my b day friend!


For 2 out of my 3 pregnancies, diarrhea was the first sign. My first pregnancy was very unexpected, and I went to my doctor thinking I had some sort of bug (way way waaaay before Covid). Her first suggestion was a pregnancy test. She came in the room minutes later with a positive result.

All bodies are different, and hormone fluctuations can cause the body to do weird things - constipation for some and diarrhea for others, glowing skin for some and acne for others, etc etc.

Well, a pregnancy test could solve the mystery…

There really isn’t one certain thing that will confirm a pregnancy otherwise.


Never heard of diarrhea being a sign/symptom of pregnancy. Other issues going on. Talk to your Dr.


I had 3 kids and never had a diarrhea issue. I threw up like crazy but everyone is different.

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With my second and third pregnancies I got the runs the first couple of weeks. I never got morning sickness.

Yes! I had it! Crazy diarrhea came and went away. Found out I was pregnant a week after.

I had constipation it really depends on the pregnancy I’ve never had the run. Just like your period pregnancy has a lot of the same symptoms so I would just test.

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I had the opposite problem with both of my pregnancies.


I had it like crazy for 3 months. It was HORRIBLE!!! I lost like 15 pounds before gaining any baby weight.

Diarrhoea and pins and needles in my finger and toe tips were the first sign I got with my second and third pregnancies

Yes… I had it all throughout my pregnancy till I went into labor

It’s a symptom of covid


My friend said she was constipated each time she was early in pregnancy never heard of the runs…

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It’s crazy how ppl rather ask Facebook if they pregnant rather than just go buy a test :unamused:


I never knew that learned something new

I’ve heard that some woman experience it.

Yes for me with both of my pregnancies

Im gonna say no due to pregnancy causing u to be constipated