Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?

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I couldn’t stand the smell of anything especially urine. That’s how I knew I was pregnant with my 2nd :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

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Pretty much anything can be a symptom of pregnancy… lol my first and main symptoms are vomiting and moodiness. Tender titties is another good one. But diarrhea by itself is a symptom of almost every illness you can get, and in the beginning of pregnancy, constipation is more common then diarrhea.


I just knew i was pregnant. hard to explain but i just knew.


Usually its a sign that you need water lol take a pregnancy test if you think you’re pregnant. Asking facebook if a sign of poop is a pregnancy symptom is a little silly


Like seriously???🤦:joy::joy::joy: please take a pregnancy test. And if you’re pregnant and having diarrhea go to the nearest clinic ASAP.

It was actually my one and only symptom with my second baby

Not really. It’s a sign of labor for some, but for pregnancy it’s more common to be constipated.

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Take a pregnancy test if you’ve missed your period or are nearing it and arent having your usual preperiod symptoms

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A positive pregnancy sign is. If you’re unsure that’s the only way to know for sure.


I got two pregnancy tests done for both of my pregnancies as soon as I felt suspicious, which is what I always recommend to anyone in doubt.

Diarrhea can be a sign of a lot of things lol. I think I’ve seen more pregnant women complain of constipation but I don’t put anything past a major hormonal sway

Constipation is though😂

Googling is hard for some people. :weary::joy: Ask-holes is what I call them.

“What time does the mall close?” Idk Stephanie, how about you google the malls hours like the rest of us.

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Oh honey diarrhea is a sign of everything these days. Only a pregnancy test can answer that for you lol


As somome who dealt with infertility and had every possible “pregnancy system” thinking I might be pregnant I’ve learned one thing, literally eveything is a potential sign of pregnancy lol. But when I finally was pregnant my first symptom was strong nauseoua. I’d advise not looking too hard for pregnancy symptoms it will drive you crazy.


It’s a sign of a lot of things. So on its own, no.


Do people not know what Google is anymore? This is the 3rd dumb question post Iv seen in the last 5 mins :joy:


Yup. That was my morning sickness, all three times.

If you want a solid answer go see your gp and get a blood test.