Is drinking green tea with honey safe while pregnant?

Hi, can I ask the people in the group about what drink is safe or not? I am almost 3 months pregnant. I had a small drink of green tea with ginseng with honey. I heard that it’s not safe for pregnancy. Just need to know if my baby will be ok? Please make it anonymous. Thank you!


That’s honestly something you should discuss with your dr when I look it up some says it is some says it’s not to be on the safe side I would ask your dr just my advice

I was told by someone that ginseng was not safe during pregnancy but I’m not sure how factual it is! I would definitely ask your OB if you’re concerned! Personally I think it could be like a only in moderation type of thing…!

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The caffeine is the issue. If you didn’t drink a ton of green tea you and baby will be fine. Next time buy some decaff green tea :blush:
I don’t know about the ginseng though :woman_shrugging:t2:

It would probably be safe the only thing I would be concerned about is the caffeine just make sure you don’t go over probably about 150 or 200 mg always ask your doctor

I was told green tea is bad because it has the ability to lower the folic acid absorption. Which baby needs the folic acid

I would 100% talk to your OBGYN about it unless there’s one in this group. I can’t say too much on caffeine because I drank Coke Zero every day I was pregnant and baby was 100% healthy and fine.

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Green tea is a non-herbal tea because it contains caffeine. The longer the tea leaves are steeped, the more caffeine. It’s suggested to consult with your OB to determine a safe amount of caffeine.

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I literally lived off the arizona green teas in the beginning of my pregnancy with my son. I had hyperemesis and its the only thing that even remotely helped with the nausea. My son is now a very healthy 1 1/2 year old.

You can get caffeine free green tea😊

A small sip of green tea with ginseng won’t hurt your baby. You’re okay momma and so is your baby.

My midwife said a cup of tea a day was fine, but to avoid things with ingredients like hybiscus.

Ask your doctor…not a group on facebook.


My ob always said a cup of tea or coffee a day was fine she said to try to stay under 200mg of caffeine a day though which I’m not good about doing :sweat_smile: all of my kids have came out fine. I’ve had 6 and I’m pregnant with my 7th due soon. They usually say to avoid large amounts of ginseng, but small amounts found in premade teas are usually fine in moderation.

Maybe a cup of day but try to stay away from caffeine as much as possible. Stick to water

A cup of green tea with ginseng is not going to hurt the baby. If you are planning on drinking a lot of it during your pregnancy, talk to your obgyn to find out how much caffeine you should have. My doctor approved kombucha, so you never know till you ask.

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Green tea is completely fine! You just have to limit your caffeine consumption to 200mg/d. That’s up to 4 cups a day! However the ginseng is a big no no for pregnancy. Evidence would show it can cause birth defects, bleeding, and other undesirable side effects in pregnancy women. I wouldn’t be concerned with the amount you consumed, but I’d stay away from it moving forward.

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Honey isn’t good for baby! Can cause a disease

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Oh for the love of god, it’s not gonna kill you. I had sweet tea, green tea, raspberry tea, blackberry tea, even CARBONATED POP like three times a day and my child is almost 3 and he came out just fine.


I dont see what about it would harm the baby whatsoever