Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom?

Is heartburn an early symptom of pregnancy? I’m 8 DPO and having heartburn every day. Is it too early to test?

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Its a symptom of many things


If you got your lh surge you would ovulate about 12-36 hours after your surge, so you may not be exactly 8 dpo.
A blastocyst takes at least 5 days to form and implantation doesn’t take place until after that. So the earliest implantation would even start would be 6dpo. HCG levels may not be high enough yet if implantation did take place. It’s not impossible to get a positive using First Response but it would likely be a waste of a test. Also, you could pick up a chemical pregnancy this early and it could be disappointing.

Yes, its def a symptom. Thats the first one i had with all 3 of mine.

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Heartburn can be from a lot of things. It’s not likely to be from pregnancy that early on, but it’s possible. More likely to be from a myriad of other things though. Best bet is to talk to your doctor about it.

So I am a person who never and I mean NEVER gets heartburn, that was the very first thing that made me suspicious I was pregnant with my daughter because I was crying and I had insane heartburn for a couple of weeks before I realized my period was due and then realized it was late after finding out I was pregnant at the hospital during a gallbladder attack :joy:

Mine flares up more when pregnant. I know for sure when I start vomiting bile on the daily. Idk why it always gets worse the moment I’m preggers but ugh all pregnancy long and nothing works 100%.

Yes it is i have had heartburn since i found out and still have it all the time and my baby Boy has alot of hair too

It could be! I knew I was pregnant with my last one two days before my missed period and heartburn was definitely on the list. With my first I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 8 weeks along and a coworker called it when I complained about heartburn over my morning coffee.

No, it’s not, however, you do get heartburn a lot during a pregnancy.

I had heartburn so bad with all three of my girls.

I swear, I had heartburn the day after we conceived!!! It was awful.

I got heart burn sooooo bad with both my pregnancies, but not until around the end of the second trimester until they were born.

Not too early to test but I would say too early for any symptoms really

With my second child I was nauseated when I was 2 days late and it lasted the entire pregnancy.

Yes!!! I had it when I was pregnant with my son and it’s horrific :sob: I’d neck a Bottle of Gaviscon like it was bottle of pop :fire: I didn’t get it until the 2nd trimester though

It’s a symptom, but it tends to occur later in pregnancy when the baby is pushing up on the stomach, sending acid up into the esophagus. Some people are more sensitive to even minor changes like that, but implantation wouldn’t even have occurred for you yet; so while I’m not a medical professional, I’d be surprised if your heartburn were a result of pregnancy already. Doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant though…

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Omg yes!!! I’ve had heartburn since early pregnancy until the end of my pregnancy! It sucks!!!

yes the first time I ever got heartburn is when I was pregnant