Is hip pain normal at 14 weeks?

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my first and experiencing a lot of pain in my hips, is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do to ease the pain?


Yes! They are spreading​:rofl::roll_eyes: UGH!

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The hormone relaxin is one of the main culprits when it comes to hip pain, as it does exactly what the name suggests. It causes your joints and muscles to relax and loosen up, making room for the baby growing inside you.

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I had hip pain with my fourth from around 25wks til delivery.
It’s from a hormone being released, relaxin. Its main purpose is to loosen the ligaments in preparation for delivery.

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Yep! Check out a chiropractor who is experienced in the Webster technique for pregnant women.

Girl just want until your in your last trimester & the baby does karate on your hip bones and ribs! Lol I love being pregnant but oof it gets uncomfortable . Congrats on your first blessing :blush:

Sounds like you’re getting child bearing hips. Welcome to motherhood.

Definitely. I had hip pain from about 14 weeks until after my son was born. Your hips are spreading and carrying more weight than they are use to.

Your hips are spreading, so you have room for the baby.

Especially if youre small.

Normal but see a physio, helped me alot and I also wore a belt when I got further along

Acupuncture or a chiropractor can be amazing. Most insurance covers the chiropractor during pregnancy

It will only get worse through out your pregnancy

Do some leg stretches and hip stretches for a few minutes it will help it is round ligament pain it us totally normal

Maybe ask your doctor :wink:

Sleep laying on your side with a pillow between your legs at the knee…works like a charn

Very normal! Everything is moving around and being rearranged for your expanding belly/baby❤️

One of the worst parts. It’s totally normal. Your hips are widening for the growth of the baby.

Yes. I was miserable with both pregnancies. With my last pregnancy I actually got SPD so badly I wasn’t able to walk for days at a time. There were even times I wasn’t able to even adjust how I was laying without my husband physically moving me. Its just your hips widening.

Your hips are moving . If it is unbearable tell your Dr. If they say it’s normal prepare for a lot of pain in your 3rd trimester when the baby puts on weight