Is it common for babies to stop wanting bottles so much after they start solids?

Is it common for a baby to stop finishing bottles when they start eating baby food? My daughter is about to be eight months & started eating baby food around a month ago… she eats oatmeal & fruit baby food in the morning and then half a jar of fruits & half a jar of veggies throughout the day, then her oatmeal before bed again. But she has cut back on the amount of formula she’s eating. Is there a good way to make sure she’s getting everything she needs?


Cut back on solids, formula/Bm is their main source of nutrition until age 1!


It is common. Mom of 6.

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My son started solids at around 6 months because he was so big that formula wasn’t enough for him. Once he did start eating solids, his formula intake declined about half the amount as normal. Doctor said he was fine and still healthy as a horse. This is him now at 17 months.


I would cut back on food and make formula/breast milk the priority until 1

Of course because LO is getting full on food. I also offered formula/ BM then after offered solids.

Yeah it’s normal. Bottles won’t get finished if she’s already full on food.

Of course she’s going to cut back on formula. Shes getting full on food. If your really concerned cut back on food. Don’t try to make her eat/drink when she’s over full.

General rule food before 1 is just for fun so if you notice shes not wanting bottles then maybe cut an oatmeal out as that is the most filling food in your schedule. She still will get oatmeal just not twice. Its completely normal and once the food stretches her stomach you’ll notice she’ll take bottles & want more food.

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yes, the food is filling their tummies up so they don’t have as much room for the same amount of formula

Yep my 2 youngest were off the bottle before 1 but they still had there formula on a sippy cup

Yes it is!

Use there milk when your making anything that requires milk, she will get everything she needs from yogurts and diary stuff and other foods

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My beeb been doing the same, we mix formula with her cereal and fruity baby foods

You gotta give her a bottle first, then the solids. If you give her solids first and finish the meal with a bottle she wont drink as much.


Food before one is just for fun. Formula/breastmilk needs to be primary nutrition until 1.


My oldest son is almost 4 and he would live on milk if he could. My younger is 18 months. He fought the bottle as soon as he was introduced to solids and still doesn’t drink much milk.

My baby started solids about a month ago and is 7 months. She eats about 4 bottles of formula 1 1/2 jars of baby food and oatmeal and rice. We’ve also been trying to get her started on sippy cup training with water(as recommended by her doctor).

Yes it’s common, you can cut back a little on solids. Are you making the oatmeal with formula? Maybe give him formula in a sippy cup.

Cut back on solids. Breastmilk/formula has to be the main source of nutrition until baby is at least 1.

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I always researched that you give the bottle first, that’s where they get the full nutrition and then food till one year