Is it frowned upon to have a 3rd baby shower?

Is it frowned upon to have a baby shower for your third baby? I’m starting over completely. My youngest is three years old and will be four by the time baby comes.


You have as many baby showers as you want. Who cares what anyone else thinks.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought each baby got their own baby shower.

Girl, have that baby shower!


For my 2nd and 3rd i did a diaper raffle. In hopes more people would show as opposed to it being a baby shower and folks thinking i should have what i need 🤷
It was a good turn out tho

I did but for my 3rd child I did a baby “sprinkle” which was pretty much a regular baby shower but just close family/friends

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I have 3 kids, 1 shower. And different genders. I didn’t want to ask people to buy more stuff for my kids

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No its not. Cheap ass people think if they bought for the first 2 they shouldn’t for the 3rd one, but if they dont want to buy for them then don’t . my sister had 5 girls and had a shower for each one!! You go ahead and have a baby shower for this little one!!

I had 3 baby showers just for my son​:woman_shrugging:t3:…do what makes you happy! :two_hearts:

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If you want 3 baby showers, you go have 3 baby showers.


Have that baby shower if that is what you want! I dont see any problem with it.

I’m pregnant with baby number 2 and will not do a baby shower this time just because hardly anyone showed to the shower for my first baby.

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I had 3 babies in 4 years and had a shower for each. 11 years later adopted two babies a year a part had a shower for each. Even had a teen shower when we adopted our teenager through foster. Everyone brought clothes, bedding, bedroom decor, just fun stuff.


I’m having a Baby Q instead of a baby shower, this is my 4th but 9 year gap

I had a big shower for the first and then we called it a sprinkle for the second. But you do you! Babies deserve to be celebrated :heart::heart:

I personally think it’s wrong, to have more then one babyshower, unless there’s a big age difference. Like 10 years. But to each their own


No! I had one just recently and my kids are 4, 1 & I’m expecting my 3rd right now. Why NOT celebrate? You’re bringing a new life into the world have a party and if people don’t wanna come then whatever just do a family thing :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had two mostly because I have one boy and a girl!

I’ve had a baby shower for all 4 of mine! They are 17, 13, 8 & 9wks

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I have 4 kids 4 baby showers :woman_shrugging:

If someone wants to give you one, just invite people who you know would enjoy it.

We have done “sprinkle” showers. Not big gifts but smaller ones of things needed