Is it hard to get pregnant after having the copper IUD?

I have a copper IUD and want to take it out and start trying for another baby. My son is 6 years old (I’m 25) but what is that big of an age gap like? Is it harder to get pregnant after the copper iud?


Nope! Had mine taken out and was pregnant the next month!

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A girl I knew had hers taken out & was pregnant within a month

Its supposed to be the easiest since it doesn’t affect your hormones.

I’m 26 my daughter is 6 and I am currently 6 months pregnant after two months of taking out my iud :slight_smile:

We had to have mine removed when it became displaced. We were not trying right away. When we did try, BOOM, positive. My 3 oldest kids are 17 months apart, but my daughter is 8 years younger than her youngest brother. The age gap isn’t terrible as all the boys can help with their sister. They love it!

My kids are 11.5 years apart. And even though by son is 26 he includes his sister In so much.

My oldest little sister is 6 years younger than me and I loved it at first. I wanted to help out alot. My stepmother ended up getting a little overbearing with her and we drifted apart a little but now she’s 18 and we’re good

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I had two copper iud’s back to back after having 2 kids in 2006 and got pregnant with my 4 year old immediately and then my 3 year old right after… no problems conceiving… currently using a copper IUD again…

My kids are 6 years different… it didn’t take long to get pregnant… and now I’m pregnant again.

Took me 6 months after

I got pregnant wile on it now I’m 9 months pregnant almost due :confused:

I had my IUD taken out and got pregnant as soon as it came out lol

Me and my brother are 6.5-7 years apart and my mom loved it, I didn’t really enjoy it because my bother never really played with me, we didn’t get closer until I was much older. My oldest and youngest are 6.5 years apart and he absolutely adores her, wants to do everything for his baby sister. I think it depends on the kids.

I’ve had this IUD 2 times. First time I took it out I got pregnant within the month. Second time I got pregnant with it still in with twins.

I have a 12 and 10 yr old, and a 3 and 9 month old. The hardest struggle for me was my older two are now in sports, and lugging two littles and a diaper bag on top of everything else can be a bit taxing some days. But the best is they love to be little helpers and they love their little brothers :heart:

Everyone’s experience is different, personally mine was horrific. After having a copper IUD for 5 years, it dislocated and embedded in my uterus wall. Upon removal we began trying to conceive, and after 6 months we were pregnant. Unfortunately due to the inflammation and scar tissue left from the IUD, I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have emergency surgery. We were allowed to begin trying 3 months post surgery, and this time around we immediately conceived and had a healthy 9.14lb baby boy.

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I literally got pregnant the day I got my copper iud removed

Ask. Your. Doctor. :woman_facepalming:

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I got pregnant about 4 months after getting my IUD removed.