Is it hard to move across state lines with kids?

Hi, I was wondering if you could post a question for me. I do plan on talking to a lawyer, but I was curious how hard is it if you have kids to be able to move out of state if you’re not married to the father? I live in Alabama if that helps I was considering moving across state lines closer to my family.


Is there a custody order in place ?
If not, there is nothing to stop you. I’m in Michigan though and every state is different.

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Depends on the custody order and if the father would fight you… along with your reason for moving

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Do you have a custody order? If not then its your kid you can do what you want.

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Yes it’s hard espicalky if you have custody order most have cannot leave state without permission

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I recently just moved from Alabama to Wyoming. There was absolutely no custody order or arrangement, and me and my child’s father were never married. There was nothing he could do to stop me :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve since filed for full custody and dealing with that.

If you dont have custody and there is no parenting plan and hes not on the BC then you can move. If hes on the BC he can say no and ge can say you kidnapped the kids.

It depends. Custody order OR established arrangement. If they have been in an established routine and you up and move he could also go to court Get legal counsel and for heaven’s sake talk to their dad if he is involved

depends on the custody agreement and the state you’re currently in

Depends on your state. Some states can make you move back. And if dad is currently in their live it would be pretty fucked up to move.

We need a lot more information as there’s many variables.if he’s not on the BC, you don’t have any custody agreement & he doesn’t pay child support legally he’s nothing to the children. You can do whatever you want with your kids. If you have a custody arrangement or hes ordered to pay child support you will need his or the courts permission. How difficult it is depends on your specific case. My ex was behind on child support, hasn’t seen my kids or filed for any custody/visitation. I filed a petition with the court, which btw is FREE if you meet low income qualifications. He showed up & refused to grant me permission so he had to have a chance to prove why we should stay. A hearing date was set, but the judge told me to go ahead & move anyway. I showed up to court with a lawyer. Long story short he lost. It was frustrating but not difficult. Given my situation I didn’t have pay my lawyer. He did.

You need the fathers and the courts permission

If there’s no court order, you can. Otherwise you need special permission.

Is he involved with the child?

If the father has a relationship with the kids and pays support you will need his permission call a lawyer!

If the father is involved with the kids and pays support it woukd be wrong for you to take that away from the kids.

Depends on the dad. I was not married to my first borns dad and moved to idaho while I was pregnant with him. Hes has never perused anything

If there is no custody order, you can move where you please, but in all fairness, and if circumstances allow, you should tell the dad and see if he is fine with it, explain your situation and just be nice. Please do not screw over the dad and the child.

I know south Carolina law is if you and the father are not and have never been married he has no rights at all no matter if hes on the birth certificate or not unless he pays court order child support! Now depending on if he is a good father he can take you to court and fight for his rights! Now if he is a good father you should never remove a willing supportive and present father from a childs life unless he is a threat to your child or you! Bc that hurts your child and affects your childs mental health and your relationship with your child!

I lived in California my children’s father and I never married and never got court orders for custody therefore I was naturally the custodial parent as I had them 90% of the time ,but we did end up going to court later for child support and in those papers I’m listed as custodial parent . Anyway my point is years later I decided that I am moving out of state, but I have an co-parenting relationship with their father and just told him this is happening, he didn’t fight me as he never has plus he knows he can see his children whenever he wants still it’s just a little more effort lol plus the time they have now is better they will stay 2 or 3 months (summer time) and that’s way better than every other weekend which equals to about 52 days spread apart and only 2 days at a time.