Is it hard to transition from 1 to 2 children?

I and my s/o have been thinking about having another child lately. We have one, and she’s a year old. I know it’s not going to be easy regardless, and I’d like them to be close. I just would like to know how difficult or easy the transition from 1 to 2 is and what age differences work best. Should we wait until she’s older for another, or is it not as bad as its made out to be to have them close?


I had my daughters 3 years apart and they have their moments but they’re also super close. Now my almost 10 year old is gonna have a baby brother and she’s just excited to help out with him.

We have a 4 yo son and just had our daughter. It’s been amazing so far because our son has been excited ever since we told him we would have a baby and he would be a big brother. He loves helping with her and is so gentle and loving.

If you have a choice wait until she is at least 2 yrs old to start trying to get pregnant–she is still a baby and needs your full attention. It can be done of course if closer in age but will make your life much harder!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but there is almost 4 years between my girls

My girls were born 20 months apart, intentionally. I tried to prepare myself but it was infinitely more difficult than I could have ever imagined. It absolutely rocked my world, in the best way, but it was really hard for a long time. They’re now 5 and 3. It definitely keeps getting easier but it was a hard transition in those early months- and the whole first year was an adjustment.

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I found out I was pregnant with son on my daughter’s first bday. My daughter just turned 3 and my son is 16M. I love how close they are in age. My daughter is so helpful. Yes sometimes it’s hard but my son wants to do everything his sister is doing so I feel like he is developing quicker but they are best buddies! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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It was super easy for us and number three was even easier. Now we are working on a 4th. We have a 6year old. 4 year old and a 2 year old.

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At first it was difficult but once we got a routine it was easy. We have 9 kids and honestly it’s not that bad dealing with all of them since we got a routine down.


Yep of course it’s hard. All of parenting is hard lol

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I wouldn’t say harder, but you’re definitely stretched thinner. It just takes a little while to find your groove and routine again. The hardest part will be feedings. My oldest always became “more needy” during feedings.

I have a 4 year old, 2 year old,1 year old and baby number 4 due in December. It’s honestly not bad. Somedays are harder but you get through them :slight_smile:


I was 11 when my parents had a second child and there is 16 months between my brother and sister. I was old enough to be a babysitter when my parents needed and they involved me so much in the pregnancies it was great. My siblings get along great. The age differences didn’t matter so much. Then my stepchildren have 5 years age difference. It’s nice to have them apart because they don’t get along. The oldest graduated a year ago and younger one is in high school now.

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I had three i twenty three months

My son had just turned 3 a month before I had my daughter last year. I love the age difference and it wasn’t hard at all! My son just wanted to hold her and help any way he could. Now they’re 4 and 1 and they fight over toys, but they get along great otherwise and my son loves spending time with her!
I’m expecting my third in January and my son is super excited about it and can’t wait to hold a little baby again.


Depends on the kids and depends on you. I know people that dealt with big families (5 or more) with more ease and grace than I did just having a second one.

My oldest was 8 when his brother was born. Now they are 12 and 4

It’s awful when they get older I have one like 13 months apart and all they do is fight ones four and one fives and oh my it is crazy lol

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My first 2 were 22 months apart. It was way easier than I expected it to be & I love that their so close

Mine are 18 months apart. 8 and 6 now. Loved it because they grew up close and you got all the stages out the way at once. I used to work night shifts so i was used to being tired but other than that im glad i had them close together