Is it normal for a dad to not help with the kids after getting off work?

is it normal and okay for a father to not help with the kids because he works and you “Just stay at home all day”?


No! They are his kids too!


Good husbands/fathers usually want to help with their children after work is over they usually are a bit bothered that they don’t get to bond with their children all day like the mother. At least the men in my family feel like they are missing out on raising their babies when working all day. So from my perspective no this is not normal.


No, it is not! They’re his kids too! Mine stays gone for 8 days so the 6 days he’s gone he helps me out with the kids, especially our 1.5 year old and 3 month.

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My boyfriend works all week and still comes home and helps with our son. He let’s me sleep in the 2 days he has off of work. I feel bad for all the women who have a boyfriend/husband that aren’t interested in helping to take care of the baby you both created together


It depends in my opinion I mean if he has a hard job/works long hours or 7 days a week I think he deserves a break maybe not every day but I know what its like to work 7 days a week 12 hour days and come home to 4 kids 3 of which are under 3. It was hard for me most days to keep my eyes open passed 6 and I got up for work at 2am. So I think it depends on his day as well. I think staying at home is hell ive been doing it for a few months im off work on medical leave right now and its definitely mentally tasking to be a SAHM but you choose this I mean if you want to work too go to work if you want him to stay home so you can support the family and not care for the kids talk to him about it.


If you want to be a wife from the 1950s, sure. If I were you, On one of his days off, id get yourself ready, tell him you’re going out for the day, and stay out until the kids are in bed. :slight_smile:

Not ok. I work and my husband stays home all day. Dealing with kids and keeping the house in order is a full time job and he needs to understand that. When I get home we tag team taking care of the kids. When it’s my days off I usually make dinners and we do stuff together as a family.

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My boyfriend helps with my kid when he’s here after work. We don’t even live together yet. And my kid is 8. And he’ll take the trash out and the dogs out and put dishes away if he gets here before me.

This is my children’s father and today he dumped me for telling him it’s wrong to favor his child over my children when he should take care and love them equally

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It’s not normal, but unfortunately it happens.

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Uh no moms work too and still take care of their kids right after work, all night before work and on their days off. Dads aren’t just for paying the bills


Is it normal and is it acceptable are two different questions. No, it’s not uncommon for working fathers to not help stay at home moms with the kids after work. No, it’s not acceptable not to help raise your own kids even if you work all day.


Nope. His household and children as well.


Hell no. They’re his kids too! I get him wanting to unwind for a few after coming home. Mine takes a shower, and then starts playing with them, asking how their day was etc. He usually does bath time with them. You don’t just sit at home all day. You keep them alive all day, you feed them all day, comfort them all day, etc etc etc. Tell him he can have his time after they go to bed, just like you!


Depends on what it is you’re wanting him to do. After working 12 hour days the last thing I want to do when I come home is be bombarded with chores and things that could have been done by the stay at home parent while I was working all day. :woman_shrugging:t4:


No. Good husbands and fathers want to be involved.


I told my husband a long tone ago. When he is at work then the kids and house is my job. When he is done working so am I. Then it becomes 50/50 he has always helped me even 10 years and 7 kids later he will help with dishes,kids, cleaning, laundry or whatever. At this point we usually do rock paper scissors to see who has to change the baby :joy:


Apparently lol :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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The way I was raised if my husband goes to work and is providing for us he shouldn’t have to do much when he gets home except the things and jobs which are a man’s responsibility. Guess my parents raised me old fashioned as my parents and grandparents raised me together my grandparents taught me that a woman’s job is to care for the house and kids and my parents taught me the same but that as a husband watching the children and keeping them distracted while the mother or myself are doing housework that he keeps the children occupied so I can get whatever I’m doing done but at night when it comes to bedtime then it’s both of our responsibility to get them ready and put them to bed but that we also have quality time before we start our routine for bed with or kids then we can have our own time after they are in bed I was lucky when I had my daughter my ex would go to work and come home and help me care for our daughter he was a great dad to my daughter he also was the one who did bedtime cause I was a pushover and would always just sit and let her talk and do whatever she wanted to do sadly we didn’t work out cause of personal issues that occurred during our daughter’s birth we just stopped clicking after but he always was there for our daughter just the two of us weren’t compatible after he told me he when he witnessed our daughter’s birth he couldn’t look at me the same cause of the issues and complications that occured both me and my daughter almost lost or lives and I guess that was to much for him to handle we stayed together for two years before we separated after our daughter’s birth