Is it normal for a grown man to kiss his mom/grandma on the lips?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for about three months now. He is about to deploy, so we got together, and I met his family for the first time for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Well, when he hugged his mom and grandma, he kissed them both on the lips. I was kinda taken back. Is this normal for some people? I didn’t grow up in a very loving family and it kind of made me feel disgusted.


Unless he’s using tongue or an open mouth yeah that’s normal


If I was him I wouldn’t care what you thought because you’ve been around 3 months and he’s been their son and grandson his whole life. There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. Lots of people give a peck on the lips.


Its normal as long as it’s just a peck lol

I think it’s fine. Italian families usually do.

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It’s normal. Strange to me too, but everyone grows up differently.

Yes. Normal for lots of families. Don’t bring it up to him or anyone. It will not be received well. Lol.


A peck on the lips is normal for immediate family in some families.

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Its normal. He was lucky to grow up in that loving family


It is normal for some families . As long as it’s not no long romantic kiss. Lol

My family is Italian and we still do this!

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Normal- my entire family does it!

I understand the uneasiness about this but some families show love and affection like this… Totally normal as long as it isn’t passionate. Me personally I wouldn’t but it shows he loves and cares for his mama and grandma. It’s a good quality for a man to be unafraid to show how he cares


It is not normal for my family…we peck the cheeks…but I have seen other families do that. That’s THEIR normal…great thing is you don’t have to kiss them lol.


It’s normal. For some. Definitely not for me or anyone I’ve ever encountered. Until my ex husband. And that set wrong with me because his mother had an unhealthy attachment. She practically subbed my ex husband into her ex husband’s position in every way but sexual. So, I’m a bit biased in my opinion of this situation, because I was mortified by it. And the fact that it was years before I even knew cause they always made sure to do it where no one could see, until after I’d already married the guy.


Not normal for us. It would make me feel weird too if I saw my bf kiss his mom on the lips. Lol but whatever works for them :joy::grin:


NORMAL!!! Please…

I mean like if it’s the mom or grandmother I don’t see a problem with it if it’s just like a peck really quick but if they’re like making out and tongue to tongue that’s a problem and if he’s like kissing everybody on the lips like sisters and cousins then that’s something to be concerned about.

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Yes as long as they aren’t open mouthed or tongue kissing :sweat_smile:


Yes, a short sweet kiss :kiss: is normal I think.