Is it normal for my 17-month-old to walk on their tippy toes?

Hey mommas, I have a quick question. I’m an FTM, and my 17-month-old son has been walking around the house on his tippy toes. I’m not sure if this is a normal thing toddlers do at this age. He does it frequently at home then sometimes he goes back to normal walking. I have a check-up appointment for him in December and I’ll definitely ask there. I’m just wondering if any of you have experienced this with your little ones. Thanks!


My son did it. Hes 3 now and hasn’t done it in a while

I used to do it as a child… Turned into a dancer lol. Both my girls did it too. 1 is a dancer other is a gymnast/cheerleader lol

Mines 12 now. He’s fine.

My 20 month old daughter does it every once in a while.

Classic sign of a.d.h.d


My son has done this since he started walking he is also autistic x

My oldest did this. Dr. Said everything was fine. She did seem to have a lot of sprains in her ankles thru the years. She is 25.

Have him wear shoes.

Most definitely. All kids do

It is very normal but can hurt them like mentioned, I encourage to put shoes on him as much as possible!!

Yes… My daughter always wanted to be taller… Lol they get over it. We had a rule… Regular walks outside of the house and tall walks inside the house.

Its normal. I knew this girl who would curl her toes and walk on them. Looked so painful but she enjoyed it lol

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My 3 year old still does. I’ve seen a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, and all neurological reasons were ruled out. Final diagnosis was idiopathic toewalking, or in other words, no reason for it. They recommended casting to bring him flat, but I’m opting to wait a bit and see if I can’t help him grow out of it.

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Put shoes on her so she can’t hurt the toes bones

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I am not very sure, but since you have an appt that’s a good start, but when my son was being tested for Autism they asked me if he walked on his tippy toes, he didn’t, but he still got diagnosed with Autism

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All 3 of mine did this!

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Pretty sure almost every toddler does that

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I still do that to this day​:joy::joy:


My husband is 37 & still does it lol. No issues. Hes done it since he was a child. He has very strong calf muscles though! & he works on cars for a living, & it has helped him balance & keep his legs in shape!
But when he has shoes on, he walks normally with no issues. Id say dont worry Mama.