Is it normal for my 2-year-old to refer to himself as "you"?

My two year old refers to himself as “you” It started because whenever he would look at a picture of himself, we would say that’s “you!” In the mirror, that’s you! He now will say “that’s “you’s bike” or “can you give that to “you” Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is it something he will grow out of?


He’s two.
It’s normal.
Teach him his name.


It almost sounds like he’s just repeating what you said. Like when you would walk up to me you’re holding him you would probably say hey look at you or something like that so now he probably associates the word you with himself

Yes. Completely normal. It’s like when they will say me instead of I. Like me want that.

Yea I’d just start saying his name rather than “you.”


My 3yo refers to himself as “Zilla” (Godzilla). Is this normal and something he will grow out of? :joy:


Completely normal, they dont get reverse pronouns. My daughter is almost 3 and still stuggles. Just keep enforcing the reverse pronouns and eventually they’ll get the concept.

Normal, my daughter used to ask me to “help you” instead of help me. They get a bit mixed up. Going through that with my son. They learn the different eventually

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It’s normal. They haven’t learned the concept of me, you, I yet. My son does the same thing and he is 2.5

Yes. Kids do and say all sorts of th things. My daughter is 11 and is a cat​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Very normal, he is learning to use words he learnt from you. At least he understands you is referring to him.

Is it bad that I think thats adorable??? But I would just reteach him the same way you taught him. I don’t think its a big deal


My 2 year old daughter does the same thing. I feel like she will eventually grow out of it. I try to correct her when I hear it so she’ll get the hint sooner or later once she’s ready.

He’s at the stage where he repeats what you say. My 2 y/o does the same thing so I’ll repeat whatever I say but use his name instead of “you”.

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It’s normal my 2 year old does it we try and get him to change it sometimes he does to I have a turn or I go now they will get it they are still babies been through it with all 5 and the others have turned out ok :joy::joy:

When I was little and wanted to be held I’d hold my arms up and say “ hold you, hold you” because whenever I put my arms up my parents would say “ you want me to hold you?” Lol


Probably not funny but I laughed. I think it’s cute lol. Totally normal. My now 6 yr old use to do it

Yep! It’s because we say it. When my son was little I would ask “want me to carry you?” Once he started talking he would say “carry you mommy?”

They’ll learn the right words soon enough.

Redirect him using his name

What hes saying now will change fast . Kids never stay with the same thing for long it’s a phase and will pass . Wait till they pick up something u really dont want them doing .