Is it normal for my 3 year old to be so shy?

Hello, my question is my daughter will be 3 in February, and I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m with her all the time. We don’t really get out n play with other kids cuz of COVID…but she seems to be really shy… she will even hide from the neighbors lol, but we only see them once or twice a week …even less in winter. She’s fine with my mom n dad n her uncle and cousin …is this normal? I know every child is different n no, she’s not in preschool or daycare or anything.


Sounds like she not socialized much which would contribute to it.

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Yes if she has only you. Its fine. Znd some kids are just shy. Research child temperaments

This is just an opinion take it as you wish I have 5 kids and 4/5 went to preschool or day care … And they were socialized at a young age that could be why just saying or there just really shy …

Kids have comfort zones and different personalities just like adults. Covid makes things like socializing even more difficult, but I just wouldn’t force her to allow others to cross her boundaries if she is obviously not comfortable.

Yes. I had 5 kids and the 2nd one had to practice when she came home ’ Yes Mrs Myers’ to be loud enough to answer the registration teacher

She may naturally be inverted, but if she’s not getting the opportunity to socialize, she’s not going to gain those skills so will stay “shy”. My daughter is 2. I’m working from home so she doesn’t see many kids. We have decided to put her in Little Gym where they are strict on their health standards. It is important to us to have a balance of not only being responsible, but raise a child who is able to socially interact with her peers and gain the other skills they offer. I refuse to put her in daycare, but once a week we go and she plays and has instruction from someone other than me. Parents wear masks and they do temp checks and sanitizer before and after classes. The room is also sanitizer between classes. To us, the benefits far outweigh the risks. I get COVID can be scary and I’ve even had it a few months back, but I refuse to live my life in isolation and risk those long term effects because for the majority, those are more serious.

Of course it’s normal when my niece was 10 she was painfully shy she’s now 13 and a little better…my youngest was shy til she was around 6

If she not socialized she WILL be shy. She doesn’t know how to respond when meeting people


Yes very normal. Let her join a play group .she will learn from the other none shy children.

Have you considered looking into aspergers? Often times shyness is a sign the child may be on the spectrum, its not always the case though. Perhaps find a group for her to join and make friends first and then see if she comes out of her shell, best of luck :+1:

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Some kids are just like that…all 3 of my kids have been socialized. My youngest who is 6 now is naturally shy…i took them to the playground yesterday and while my 9 year old ran around and made friends he hung out with me cause he didn’t dare to play with kids he didn’t know. I offered to go introduce him but he just wasn’t interested. He is fine hanging out with himself. It’s just who he is.

I was NOT socialized as a child. I did not go to daycare or preschool. I had a babysitter, or went to a babysitters home that had 2 kids. As an adult, I’m still extremely shy and antisocial.
My sister is 6.5 years younger than me. She went to daycare and preschool. She is WAY more outgoing than I am.

Very normal. I was painstakingly shy when I was very young. I would hide behind my mom any time we went anywhere snd she would be talking to people whe new. She would always introduce me to them but I was still extremely shy. I even went to daycare at that age and while I was less shy around other children, when it came to adults, I was always that shy. It lasted for years, until I was about 7 or 8. I’m still very shy around others that I do not know.

She may have social anxiety. Speak to a therapist or look up exercises that will help her feel more comfortable. My oldest has social anxiety and some of the signs I just took them as normal until it was too late and really started affecting her.

Kindra,I never forced my kids to over show affection they were not completely at ease with-Manners were a must, but with their comfort zone! Don’t you remember Joann wanting lots of lovins and you threw your hat in the neighbors yard,when I asked you why you told me with that little frown- so she’d go in their yard! :slight_smile: Emotions should always come easy -if not we’ll learn to sabotage them and before you know it you’re 70 years old and can’t remember who to hug and who to avoid- just my opinion :butterfly:

It’s totally normal if she hasn’t been around a lot of people you need to get her in a Mother’s Day out or something like that for her to be around other children to know how to act