Is it normal for my 8 month old to have such small feet?

Is it normal for my eight-month-old to still wear 0-3-month-old shoes? I bought her for 3-6 months, and they were so big on her.


Sounds like a question for your daughter’s pediatrician, not social media :woman_shrugging:t2:


Babies don’t need shoes. They’re for fashion purpose only so don’t worry.


My auntie is 50+ and size 3 and she has no problems at all. I wouldn’t worry about it lovely. Talk to your doctor if really that worried.

Why are you asking the internet a medical question about your BABY? Talk to her pediatrician :woman_facepalming:t3:


I wouldnt worry too.much if your 8 month old baby doesnt as long as his feet are warm wearing socks it’s ok. When u see your.pediatrician ask to see it his foot size is accurate

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Why are people being so rude about her asking a question?


Since babies don’t need shoes I wouldn’t worry too much. If it’s something you concerned over measure her feet and then look up what an average size 8 month olds feet are, then bring it up at the next doctors appointment. I mean it doesn’t seem to be like the most medical of questions. More of an inquiry really. I never thought about anyone’s foot size to be honest. If she’s not having problems standing and seems on track with walking then it’s probably not a big deal.

I wouldn’t worry to much on the matter but just to be on the safe side just ask the doctor

So I myself was curious about this. Not something I’ve ever thought of so I did a simple Google search and between 6-12 months an average baby’s foot size is 4 1/2 inches. Size 4 according to the one site I looked up. Not sure what your kid’s shoe size is but there you go. I mean I know a lot of people are like it’s a medical question ask your doctor. I agree but if it’s just that she has tiny feet. Bring it up at the next appointment.

My baby has big feet :grin: he’s only 9 months and he wears a big size 4

My 15mth old only wears a size 3-4 6-12mths…she has small hands and small feet. Ive never worried about it. As adults there is a wide range of "normal ". U have friends who have small feet and friends who have bigger feet. Its all according to height etc

Ask your doctor. Not Facebook. What’s “normal” for one isn’t for another. Seek medical advice from a medical professional.

Nothing wrong with her or anyone else asking advice on this site. It’s for women to share, give and ask for advice. It could be that someone has had experience with this and she just wants to know. I am sure she smart enough to ask her pediatrician also.


Each childs different hun you dont need to ask a doctor unless your concerned even then there is the health visitor is it just her feet that are small or is she a small child

Dont quite understand the negative comments also the ones that are commenting with the baby dont need shoes havent read the post properly as not asking if they need shoes was wondering about the size being ok x

I dunno but my 3 month old has feet the size of a toddler lol

No shoes on babies feet,

I hardly call this a medical question… But this sounds like a typical first time mom who is worried about every little detail.
Shoe size is something that varies from person to person regardless of age. It’s normal for someone to have big feet and normal for someone to have tiny feet. I’m doubtful that anything is wrong. Your little girl just may be lucky enough to have dainty little feet! :woman_shrugging:t2:
If it really concerns you, sure- ask your doctor! But if there haven’t been any concerns of her growth, I’m confident to assume there isn’t a medical issue.

But here’s a bit of perspective. I have two sons, one is 10 and the other is 12. My 10 year old wears a size 3 Boys Shoe. My 12 year old wears a size 8 men’s shoe! (Just one size smaller than his father!) They are only 23 months apart but their foot size is quite a difference.
Another example- My adult daughter is a couple inches taller than me, wears a size 7 shoe and I wear a 9!

My daughter’s foot didn’t fit in size 2 shoes until she was 13 months. And then she stayed in size 3 for 6 months. However in the last 6 months she’s grown 5 sizes! Every child is different. As long as everything is working properly don’t fret on size of feet lol