Is it normal for my newborn to sleep so much?

FTM here. My Baby girl is a week old and sleeps a whole lot. Anyone else’s newborns sleep a little too much, or are it normal to sleep the Majority of the day? I already had the first doctor’s appointment and completely forgot to ask him about sleep habits and whatnot as I was focused on something else. We go back to see him on Monday so I’ll be asking him


My son slept all day as a newborn. To the point where we would wake him to eat cause he would sleep so much. It’s normal! Enjoy it while you can! And get in all those snuggles!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All new born babys do is sleep, its when they are growing - sleep wake for a feed/bum change & back asleep agai, completely normal .


Enjoy it cause it don’t last long lol


Yes very normal. Enjoy it for now. It will change soon

Newborns generally sleep about 20 hours a day.

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A baby grows when they sleep☺

One this is probably not a good way to get your answers one as the doctor and two if the baby sleeps eats and poops/Pees everything is fine, you will know if something is wrong

Newborns sleep most of the day

Yes they sleep a ton!

Normal. She is just resting up and saving her energy for the future months. Lol

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newborns sleep A LOT. like 20 hours in a 24 hour period. its very normal. as she gets older she will be awake more and more.

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All they really do at first… Cherish it!!!

Yes it’s very normal especially the first month or so! They are growing and going through a lot they need their sleep

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Yep. My baby is 3 weeks old and has only just now started to stay awake a little longer between naps.

Best advice I have ever been given: every baby is different!! :heart:

Yes because they are constantly growing

Yes, unless they aren’t waking for feeding or during the night.

My little one was sleeping a lot, was having to wake to feed and crying when picked up. Had a uti

It is very normal for a newborn baby to be asleep more than they are awake