Is it normal for teens to not want to hug and kiss their parents goodnight?

I’m just curious is it normal for teens to not want to hug or kiss parents good night? They also don’t like texting or calling,their dad who works out of town(he text them every night but usually no response) they say “why do we have to call or text when we are just saying the same thing every day” Is this normal? Was I treating them like little kids wanting to hug and kiss at bedtime?


I was like that as a teenager so im assuming yes it’s normal😂

Defo normal , they are all for them self these days , my eldest is 13 and she does the same she won’t be hugged anymore unless on her say so she does have disabilities but yeah she doesn’t reply to her grandparents xx

Yeah it’s normal. Teenagers tend to be moody assholes.

My son is 16, still gives me a hug good night, but barely texts unless he needs something and never calls!!! Lol

It’s normal for teenagers to not want to show affection towards their parents, but I do it anyway. I would also make them call and talk to their Dad every night or it least text. If you and your husband are paying their phone bill they should have to reply back or answer the phone when ever you text or call. If my teenagers didn’t answer our calls or text they wouldn’t have a phone


It’s definitely normal! :joy:

self entitled fucking brats anymore, i swear!! take their phone away, WHO PAYS FOR IT??

It’s embarrassing to them I would assume. The texting part surprises me though cause teenagers these days are glued to their phones. Lol.

Yes it’s normal… but hug away… they’ll do when they have children…

Pretty normal :joy: I always told my mom goodnight and hugged her but that’s just how we were raised having a single mom taking care of us.

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Yes, lol, it’s practically the defining feature of adolescence to not want to talk to or show affection to parents.

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My daughter is 12 she will hug me goodnight but no kiss. My son is 6 and I still get unlimited hugs and kisses

If you like it, teens don’t. That’s normal. This is why no one likes them. lol


Its normal but im lucky cuz my 14 almost 15 year old still hugs and kisses me :heart:

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It’s normal I still don’t hug or kiss my parents I don’t even say I love you to them. I do love them I just rarely say it. Also I’m 18 so ya

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It all depends on their moods… Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.

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My 6 year old already wants me to hug and kiss him when his friends are around

Yea definitely normal.

I always gave my parents a hug and a kiss before bed or when my dad would leave to go hunting. Some teenagers don’t like to.

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