Is it normal for your stomach to hurt to the touch?

Is it normal for your stomach to be sore to the touch? It seriously hurts to touch my bump…I will be 35 weeks tomorrow.

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My skin hurt over my belly all three pregnancies. At the end of each I also had muscle pain to the touch on the belly. But… It’s YOUR belly and YOUR baby!!! If you have a worry or concern, contact your medical professional. Every situation and circumstance is different. Don’t worry about what anyone else feels or thinks. Call your Dr/med professional if you are worried. That’s their job.


First Call Your OB! And, second mine did, My Dr told me it was my skin stretching. But, if you’re worried please call or go to er. Don’t take any chances.

I’m almost 37 weeks and mine is sore to the touch when she is poking out. Stretching can cause that

I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow and haven’t experienced pain to the touch with any of my pregnancies. I would ask your doctor about it.

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Mine was like that to. Most likely from the baby moving around. They are bigger so they dont have as much space to move around so it hurts more when they kick

Everything hurts after 35 weeks

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It can be very tender and sore from all the stretching and kicking and sometimes can even develop internal bruising from babies kicking. It could be a bunch of different stuff but you should inform your doctor and go from there.


Call your doctor ask them . They may suggest something to help the tenderness.

3rd trimester be like


It could be a number of things and the best way to avoid misinformation or bad advice would be to call your healthcare provider.


Mine did that The last 5 weeks also

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Call you dr. This is not normal!

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That’s happened to me but I think it was bc of the skin stretching but you should deff call your doc and ask.


Seek medical advice.

Call your Dr now and ask.

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Mine did with my last. I had polyhydramnios and was so huge it hurt so much x

Idk, what does your DOCTOR say? :woman_facepalming: