Is it normal later in pregnancy for baby not to be so active?

Hello, all mummas. Currently 32 weeks pregnant with #2. I went into hospital yesterday for decreased movements after not feeling much over a few days. All was good baby was very active once in. They did monitoring and a scan. But even today, I’m noticing I’m still not feeling baby like I should? I never really went through this with my first that I can remember (was almost four years ago!) Is it normal for a baby to just not be active some days? TIA.


Baby gets bigger so movement becomes a little more difficult inside . Therefore not as detectable. Activity is less but is still felt daily so just be aware.

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Ya it’s normal… but he has to be moving some. Drink or eat some sugary stuff… ya know they sleep just as much if not more in ya belly just like they do when they are new borns! I had the same issues!

I was allways up for extra scans as she was active every 4 days even had to stay a week in hospital because when they came to do checks on her she was sleeping and did not want to move xx

It’s a total myth when people say he is getting bigger so less room… You should feel baby just as much but it will feel differne tlike lea kicks more pushes and rolls… If you qew worried go back xx

It is a concern they should’ve told u to count the movements every 2 hrs…it happened to me and it became a great concern bc his level of oxygen was decreasing and his weight wasn’t what it should’ve been in that gestation…i would request an ultrasound just to be on the safe side…oh and mind you this was my 4th child so I knew something just wasn’t right.

Did they give you a chart to fill
In it an app

Sometimes babies become less active I’m 34 weeks somedays he definitely moves way more then others the days I dont feel him as often I will drink cold water that usually helps him get to moving!!! But if it dont feel normal to you definitely go back and get checked again :blue_heart:


DONT LISTEN to anyone who says it is normal. IT IS NOT normal. Your womb is made to hold babies there for a child cannot run out of room. Decreased movement is an issue and needs to be addressed. Make sure your doctor is taking every precaution there is. Both my babies did that. Ended up having them early because of risk of dying. Not saying this is what’s going on with you. I had to fight for my first baby because my doctor didn’t want to listen and almost killed him. So the best thing you can do is listen to your instincts. If something is off you make sure to be seen!

no this is not normal babies do not run out of room please look up kicks count page for more onfo x ring your maternity unit to be assessed again trust your gut you won’t be wasting anyone’s time

Omg!! All these people being so misinformed. Baby does not run out of room. Baby movements should remain the same, if you notice any difference at all, go get checked by a midwife. Follow @kickscount to get all the correct information. X

When my baby did that I just ended up having him early cause my dr told me that’s a sign he or she is getting ready to enter the world soon. And all 3 of my babies were really really active threw out my pregnancies till I was 32-34 weeks and they were all born 1-2 and a half weeks early. But everyone is different, no pregnancies are the same! But if u feel like something’s wrong it’s okay to go get checked :grin:

Movement does reduce as baby begins to go head down but not extremely by any means. Eat something sugary, drink ice water, etc. And if you have the slightest mama intuition something isn’t right GO BACK IN.

Please please please do kick counts!! And if you feel like something us wrong go back do not let them brush you and your concerns off!!! Please know I say this from experience and I dont wish what happened to me and my angel baby!

All pregnancies are different, even with the same Momma so go with your instincts if you feel that your baby should be moving more than make an appointment with your doctor and explain all of your concerns about the difference in pregnancies. I had a normal position baby and a breach baby and there was very noticeable difference in how I interpreted the movements but everything was fine, I suggest going back into your doctor for answers this is your baby never feel like a bother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My daughter, now 45 years old, hardly ever moved, except when “nature” made her move!!! She was a healthy 8 pounds 21 inches at birth. At two weeks after birth, she began sleeping all night!!! Guess what? That’s still her favorite thing to do…sleep!!! And she is not lazy either!!! She is a very well adjusted woman with two boys of her own, a husband & very successful. I say not to worry, enjoy the pregnancy!! My 1st one was a living hell!! He wanted out of there and let me know it every minute of every day!!! And he is the same way at age 48!! He is also very successful with 2 daughters & a wife!! As they have said, all pregnancies are different! Enjoy them!! And no ADHD or any of that stuff. He was a very well behaved child. And he can sit for 3 hours to watch our beloved Cowboys play or The Spurs… moves only to get a beer!!! Lesson here: watch your children grow and compare their behavior to the pregnancy!! Have fun!!:two_hearts:

With my 3rd she wasnt very active the last month ish but she was also my largest and im a very short woman so she probably didnt have room :joy:

Drink water or eat something pic a time a day when ur baby is usually active lay on ur left side and count the number of kicks u should be feeling 10 kicks within the hr if not call ur doctor

Tommy’s kicks count baby should be in a pattered by 28 week and should stay the same till labour any reduced movement at all meds’ to be checked even if ur in there every darn day