Is it normal that my 1-year-old doesn't talk?

My son is one tomorrow! I’m worried he’s not where he is supposed to be verbally. He doesn’t say “ momma “ daddy” “ bye,” nor does he play peekaboo. Is that normal? This is my third child! You’d think I would know by now!


have his hearing checked. Have him evaluated for autism.


Have you considered get his hearing checked? All children develop different, have a chat with your public health nurse

He should be saying momma and dad. Contact early intervention.


I didn’t speak until I was 2 years old and then started speaking full sentences. Give the kid time.


My boys didn’t talk until they were 2.5
They are having no problems talking now . The problem now is trying to get a word in edgewise

Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old. RELAX

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Maybe check his hearing

It’s normal… the older siblings probably do his talking for him like mine did with my 3rd child . They will get it in the end this is what my gran told me xx be patient

My second child didn’t speak until she was almost three, be patient and keep encouraging

There are 2 older kids talking for him… he’s got nothin to say… it’s completely normal.


Its eldest started talking when he was three…

N he hasn’t stopped since​:sweat_smile::grin:

If he is still being social (smiling at you, laughing, and interacting) I wouldn’t worry too much. you can try teaching baby sign language. My grandson didn’t show an interest in talking so we started using basic signs with him, like mother, father, drink, eat; things like that. He caught on very quickly and learned many words. We made sure that we spoke aloud to him as we signed. Before we knew it he was talking and had developed quite the vocabulary and completely skipped the “baby talk” stage.

My niece was almost 3 before she started speaking. When she did she spoke like an adult! She never spoke like a child or baby.

Relax he will when he is ready

Dr to check the ears

My daughters were totally opposite. One talked 1st and walked late and the other one walked early and talked late. My 4yr old talked early cause his sisters were always talking to him!!! Check with your dr and see what they consider to be a problem!!

kids are monkey see monkey do, I never spoke to my kids in baby talk, it was adult talk and they never had speech problems. If his hearing is not impaired start talking in adult and he will then pick it up and start talking. I also made my kids TELL me what it was they wanted, which gave them a chance to say what it was and to say it right so I understood them. Getting something before they ask or YOU doing the asking isn’t helping them speak up. It’s as simple as talking if you let them do it. Kids should never be compared to others in development. Each child is different and there are many ways to help them, find one and use it. This is why I avoided other mothers with “my kid” does this or that…I don’t care, I care about my child only and you should also.

My oldest didn’t talk until 2 and my youngest didn’t talk until 3…both of my girls are honors students…12 and 15 now.

He is fine. Don’t worry, Mama.