Is it normal that my 3 year old can't focus and sit still?

My son is three years old. He’s having some trouble focusing and sitting still even at night time. He’s okay if he’s sitting at the table eating or watching TV. But when I try to read a book with him, he can barely pay attention or sit still. Is it unusual for a three year old to not be able to focus on books while being read to?


If he can sit and eat and do other things then he’s just bored. A true inability to focus would be seen throughout every activity, not just some. Try engaging more by asking him what he sees in the pictures before you read it and guess what’s going on or try to read or let him direct.


He sounds normal to me. If you’re concerned with adhd, our doctor wouldn’t look into it until age 5 or 6.

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Uhm… hes 3 my kid hates when I read to him. He will be 4 in April. He’d much rather run around being a dinosaur. He doesn’t sleep for crap he rearranges his bedroom instead. He eats like a bird even with a timer on to sit at the table. He’s totally fine just being 3 don’t over think it and listen to people say he has ADHD and needs meds give him time he’s full of energy


Trust your gut and talk to your doctor about it.

Three is pretty young. Their attention spans are short and they have fluxes in energy throughout the day. Reading can be fine for bed or nap times but a lot of little ones aren’t interested (with some exceptions being textile books with things they can touch, etc). He may just have too much energy to sit still through a whole book. Little kids weren’t meant to sit quietly. They’re full of curiosity and they learn by touching and doing.


To much screen time interacting with your kid more will help with out electronics


3 year olds are active and want to be super busy all the time and not meant to sit still, it’s normal! Redirection is big still at that age, maybe having him sit on your lap, or making it a “bed time” thing where you settle down first (warm milk still helps my active one) pjs quiet the house. It’s just Figuring out what works best for him with getting story time in! He’s still so little don’t worry to much about it.


I’m on my 3rd generation of little ones. He sounds normal to me.

My oldest didn’t care for books until he started school, I’d still read and let him play.

Try getting him into OT!

Definitely age appropriate. You’d be surprised how much they’re really listening to the story even when they wander off.

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Oh my goodness he is 3!! RELAX he is NORMAL wth is with ADHD 🤦 he is 3! Shit man calm down he has his whole life to have drugs thrown at him jus wait n see. Cherish the innocence

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My grandson could he knew how to work my phone at 3-4 yo stuff I didn’t even know

I literally just asked my 3 year olds doctor about this. She said it is perfectly normal

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Sounds age appropriate my lad now 7 has never been able to sit still or concentrate doesn’t sleep even eating seems like to much hard work for him he has to be moving around :weary: honestly the energy in him could power an army :rofl: x

Think on his level, there is so much to do.and its so easy to get excited. Try books like dr.suess 1 fish , 2 fish , red fish blue fish. Count and colors while your reading. Outside or active play a couple of hours before dinner and bath might help with sleeping routine.

I would get it checked out, my son is 5 but even at a young age could focus and sit for a whole story and focus on an activity. Each child is different though so could totally be normal for your child

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They say a child’s attention span is usually their age + 2 minutes


My daughter is like that. She turned 6 and still struggles with that. Her’s is because of anxiety. She actually breaks out in rashes from worrying too much.
A couple things we do:

  1. When she needs to focus and is loosing it we do deep breathing exercises to help her calm down
  2. We make things like homework or stories an active game. For example we place her flash cards all over the floor and we tell her what word to find and she has to run and find it.
  3. We have lots of fidget toys around for her to focus on and we keep one in my purse for public spaces where she may need to sit still.
  4. It causes problems with sleeping for her so we got her a weighted blanket. It works wonders and sometimes she grabs it to just calm down.

It is not easy having a wiggle worm but if you are creative and patient you’ll get through it.

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