Is it normal that my 9 month old still doesn't have any teeth?

My daughter is 9.5 months, and she still has a gummy bear smile and no signs of teething anytime soon. Is that normal? I did breastfeed my daughter for the first seven months, and now she’s formula-fed. Is that gonna make any delay? Getting taunts by sister in law and husband’s brother that teething delay is just because I stopped breastfeeding my poor baby.


My second didn’t get teeth until 11 months and he was EBF.

My son didn’t even pop his first tooth out until right before his 1st birthday. Got a healthy mouth of teeth now and hes 4. Perfectly normal. :slight_smile:

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My daughter breastfed until she was 3.5 years old. She was 19 months old when she got her 1st tooth.

My little girl didn’t get teeth until she was a week away from turning one :see_no_evil: I kept asking the hv if there was a problem but apparently its normal for them to come late I still weened her etc at 6 months x

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Mine were over a year old. Their baby teeth and adult teeth usually last longer. Make sure and clean the gums several times daily.

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My 10 month old she is my second has only 1 tooth, perfectly normal

That is NOT why baby doesn’t have teeth yet. Don’t let them guilt trip you for having stopped breastfeeding. I didn’t produce enough so baby was half and half for a while and then formula fed. Teeth came in at 6 months…every kid is different

My niece was 1 and she was ebf. My daughter was almost 1 and she was formula fed. That’s not the reason at all!

My son is 10 months and still doesn’t have any either.:sweat_smile:

My oldest was abput 11 months… now hes almost 8 and has yet to lose any baby teeth so far… ive always heard the longer they take to come in the longer theyll last lol

My daughter got her first right before 10 months.

I breast fed my son for 7 months and switched to formula and he has 8 teeth at 10 almost 11 months old.

Lol my boy will be 10 months old in 2 weeks n still nothing lol. Ebf and blw starting at 6 month. My two older daughters had teeth by 4 and 6 months. Cant really ever compare one child to the next. All are thriving and dr say doing excellent so just keep up with their check ups and should be nothing to worry about lol.

No, she needs veneers.


My oldest was 1 week from his first birthday until he got his first tooth Well he cut both his top teeth first I was feeding him and felt a click with the spoon.

My little one didn’t get her first tooth until she was 18 months and now she has a beautiful set. :star_struck:


My son cut his first tooth the day after his 1st birthday! Then within 2 weeks he had 4 coming through :slightly_smiling_face: I wouldn’t worry!

Their teeth will come when ready. Promise :wink:

Each baby is going grow differently than another one. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing something wrong.

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