Is it normal that my 9 month old still doesn't have any teeth?

My first didn’t get her first till she was 1, she was bottle fed from the start, my second was too and got his at 6months old… :woman_shrugging: they get teeth when they get teeth, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Breastfeeding or not has absolutely nothing to do with when your baby’s teeth will come in. Your baby is perfectly normal not having teeth at this age :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter didn’t grow her first tooth til she was almost 15 months. Dentist said she’d get them late, lose them late. And she’s now 12 and still has 9 baby teeth.

My son didn’t get his first tooth until 11.5 months he’s 2.5 now and just getting his last 4 eye teeth
Also EBF so no switching to formula isn’t the reason :slightly_smiling_face:
Also it’s better for there to teeth to come late, it helps them have stronger enamel

My daughters 9months still no teeth aswel x

Both my girls were 11 months, their baby teeth did last alot longer, my oldest was 14 when she lost her last baby tooth

I’m ebf my youngest. He got 2 bottom teeth at 4 months. And and a top at 5/6 months . Each baby is different.

My oldest didn’t have any teeth until just after she turned one. My youngest has several teeth at 10 months old. :woman_shrugging:

I never breastfed and my daughter has all her teeth. Don’t worry mom. I think I actually even heard the term maybe healthier the longer they take to come out. But I could be making that up, having toddler mom brain and being distracted whenever trying to read anything. :joy:

My first 2 kids (now 4 and 3) had 5-7 teeth by 9 months. My third born, 9.5 months has half a tooth. Lol. It looks so funny to me!
Every baby grows differently!

I only breast fed for the first 6 weeks with both my boys. They wouldnt latch and I had to pump and it just wasnt right for us. They both teethed early. It will happen. Some kids are just late teethers. My sister in law breast feed both her boys. First for almost 14 months. Second for almost 13. And the second got his first tooth around 10 months old. Every kids different

No…it has nothing to do with breast feeding…my son didn’t get any teeth till he was one…they were there under gums…just didn’t come up… don’t worry…
Don’t compare…tell people they will come when they come…and they are stupid

My son didn’t get his first tooth until after his 1st birthday :slight_smile: I breastfed so it was a blessing lol

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Baby’s get there teeth at different youngest son was 3months old when he cut his first tooth.
My eldest son was 12months old when he cut his.
My daughter was 7months when she cut her first tooth.

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My oldest didn’t cut any teeth til she was 13 mos. then she got her two top and two bottom front at the same time. Feeding has nothing to do with it…each child is different

Goodness . Don’t pay any attention to you BIL and SIL . Breastfeeding has NOTHING to do with teeth coming in ! Some babies teeth come in early and on time and some come later and often come in mostly at once ! Please don’t let anyone make you feel bad .

My son was 4 months but my 3 daughters was all 6 months

I was 15 mths old when I got my first tooth…

Each baby is different my oldest didn’t get his first 2 teeth until 11 months my middle was around 10 mo.ths my youngest oh that boy got his first 2 at 6 months and 4 top at the same time at 9 months hl be 10 months this month. So don’t worry they’ll come in when they are ready!!!

Never breastfed my baby got his at 5 months
My friends baby got hers at 15 months, she breastfed for the whole first year.