Is it normal that my 9 month old still doesn't have any teeth?

I only had one successful latch with my first and then we switched to formula and she started getting teeth at 6 months. My second and youngest i was able to breastfeed (she’s one and we still are) and she started getting hers at 4months. You could see them through her gums then they just randomly stopped trying to come through until 6 months and she got 4 at once. She now has 8 with more coming through. Every kid is different and how you feed them won’t affect how or when their little fangs come through.

It has nothing to do with breast feeding. My ex husband baby didn’t start getting her teeth until it seemed like almost a yr old. Then it was like she had a new tooth every other day

All babies are different my daughter was formula fed and she got her first tooth by 4 months.

My boy didn’t get his first tooth til 11 months

Umm kids get teeth when they get teeth it has nothing to do with BF/Formula feeding, my son didn’t get his first till after a year old. It just happens sometimes


My son didn’t have any teeth for about 8 months and then they all basically came in at once lol so all kids are different. I wouldn’t be worried.

my grandson was like that and his dr said have you ever seen a kid with dentures

No worries…every child is different.

Not one of my 5 kids had teeth until 12 months…one was 13 months.

My nephew was 1 before he started getting his teeth, and they all grew in soo quickly…I thought it was pretty cool/crazy…

Hang in there. My daughter was gummy until her first tooth at 19 months old.

Breast feeding has nothing to do with when their teeth come in,they will come when they r ready… every kid is different,I have 5 kids and one my first started teething at 3 months and one of my sons didn’t get his first tooth until he was almost 11 months then they all came in back to back…some kids are born with teeth and some dont get them until after a year old …dont worry mama and dont let people make u feel like u did something wrong

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I was told longer it takes better teeth will be

They will get them when they come in. Ya cant rush teeth

My daughter didn’t have any teeth until after her first birthday, 13months was her first tooth.
It really isn’t anything to worry about. Family member’s comments are the only thing that’s bothersome but teeth will eventually come for sure.

Neither me or my daughter got teeth until after a year old

One of my boys popped a tooth at 4 months. Was rough. Then my second son had zero teeth in his 1st birthday pictures. My other 2 were all over the place. In my experience the later they get their baby teeth, the longer they keep them.

Neither of my kids were breast fed. One had a tooth by 4.5 months and one didn’t have any until he was nearly a year old. Your relatives are idiots.


My daughter didnt get her first until a year. Some kids get teeth after others that’s all

I never breastfed either of my children at all and they both had teeth by 4 mnths. The teeth come through when they come through…nothing to do with how they’re fed.