Is it normal that my 9 month old still doesn't have any teeth?

I wasn’t able to breastfeed, but my daughter got her first tooth at 5 months

My son got his around 18 months

Ummm… are they serious? When they get teeth has absolutely nothing to do with how they were fed. Ridiculous. I would set them straight now or they are going to make you nuts!!!

My sons first tooth just came at 14 months. Totally normal

Every kid is different. Some dont get any until 15 months old or later

First daughter was 9 months before she got any and two came up at once.
Second daughter is currently 11 months on the 2nd and still not even a white patch yet 🤦

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The longer it takes to cut the teeth the stronger the teeth will be

Yup. My son was like… ten or eleven months and then he was getting 5 at a time.

My oldest didn’t get teeth until 13 months

I breast fed my child for all of 4 DAYS. Let your in-laws know they need to educate themselves a little more before coming at you for that! My child has ALL but her last set of molars by age 1. Those last four molars are the only ones fighting her to come in! She’s 2 now and we still haven’t got them in!

1 - don’t believe the sister in-law and brother (my boys were 100% formula fed and 5 months they were teething, they are full of crap!)
2 - I was told by a dentist the later their teeth come in the better!
Never hurts to ask questions, don’t let other people make you think you did the wrong thing. Baby is fed and that’s what’s best!

My son (1st) had all his teeth by 10 months, my daughter (2nd) only had 4 teeth at 1… they will come in when they come in. My third screamed 24/7 when she was teething. My fourth just woke up with teeth.

My son was never breastfed and got his first tooth at 13.5 months and then got them all very quickly.

Breastfeeding doesn’t make teeth come in quicker :joy:.

All 3 of my boys have got their teeth at different stages. My 12 month old was born with 2 teeth. . They fell out … now at 12 months old there is finally 2 teeth coming through !

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My youngest was 14 months old before she had teeth, and my oldest was 10 month sold with all her teeth…don’t sweat it, nothing to do with bottle/breastfeeding!

My son was 11 months before he got one

My daughter was 18 months before she got her 1st tooth and she was bottle fed .she is 16 years old now and she still has baby teeth to loose so dont be worrying. Enjoy your beautiful baby they grow up so fast

Mine got her first at 10 months

Ppl are dumb :woman_facepalming: my first son got teeth at 7 months and my second son was 13 months before he got teeth