Is it normal that my baby hiccups so much?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been feeling baby hiccup for the past two weeks 3/4 times a day for a couple of minutes! Has anybody experienced their baby hiccuping this often? Thanks in advance


I’m 28 weeks also and mine little one has them 2/3 times a day

It happens. Doesn’t sound excessive. Totally normal for your baby.

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Both of mine did ot starting at 25 weeks on multiple times a day its completely normal

My daughter has the hiccups all the time. I think it’s normal

My first girl did, and it was like I could feel her irritation with them. She got them all the time and it made her so grumpy lol. She still gets that way. Perfectly normal I think. Shes 9 now, no problems.

My son had the hiccups multiple times a day every day from about 17 weeks until about 3 months after birth. My midwife and his pediatrician said it’s nothing to be concerned about as long as he doesn’t display signs of reflux.

ETA: it may also be their startle reflex developing and feels like hiccups

My second did a lot in utero, funny thing is he doesn’t get them very often at all after he was born and now and he’s 7 lol.

Yes many times. For up to 20 min.

Mine hiccuped a lot while I was pregnant and now she hiccups just as much on the outside.

I was always told means a thriving baby. All mine did and as babies lol. All 5 happy healthy

Definitely sounds normal. Definitely bring it up with your dr

Both of my babies had hiccups every day all day it felt like. They are both very healthy kids. One is 16 and the other is 1.

Very normal my son did it so frequently that sometimes I would worry if he didn’t have them :joy:

Yes. My first born had hiccups constantly

My girl used to get them all the time In the womb, I was not surprised when she was born that she was still getting Them all the time. lol. She’s now 7 and perfectly healthy.

Mine did it! She hiccups all the time now :rofl:

I was told it was normal with my kids it’s a good sign they are working on their lung function and a good sign of viability if born early (I had pre eclampsia and knew I would have to deliver early, mine made it to 32weeks and never did a day in nicu, he started hiccups at 20 weeks after my first round of steroids)

My daughter had them all the time, it use to make me laugh because my belly would do a little jump.

Yup my first did soo much. My 2nd barely at all