Is it normal to all of the sudden get a sex drive?

Is it normal to all of a sudden to get a sex drive? I’m soon going to turn 40, and all of a sudden, I have a sex drive that I haven’t had since my 20’s. I’ve been married for 15 years and been with my husband since college. Does this happen to a lot of women? I’ve had more sex in the past month with my spouse this past month than I have in this past year…


I had the best sex in my late 30s, early 40s. Have fun!


Could be a change in your diet maybe?

Good for you! Just go with it and have fun!

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Yup… very possible

I heard a womans sex drive goes through the roof at around 40 :woman_shrugging: hope your husband can keep up :wink:


Joy’s of menopause…

I hope this happens to me.

I hope this happens to me

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I recently stopped taking some medication. I have my sex drive back finally after 5-6 yrs of not having it. Did you stop taking any medication that you’ve taken or any other changes recently?

It’s your body preparing for menopause. It knows you’re running out of room to reproduce so it’s trying to get you pregnant. This is a legitimate thing.


This is when your body is revved up since your body knows it will be done with babies soon. So your body craves sex. It’s pretty cool to think how the body works. Knowing it will be closed for business.

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Yes it happens to women much later than men!

I think this is your peeking point again lol

Could be an ovarian cyst. Get a gyn check up.

A lot of women hit their sexual peak late in life.

Women usually get it at around 35-40 and men lose it around same time

Yep…and their drive goes down. He can’t keep up with me now :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Your having a sexual peak. Sometimes it can happen before menopause when sex hormones start to fall. You can even have another peak right before menopause. But enjoy it! Love making is so fun especially if your spouse has been keeping up with your drive!

Have you’ve started working out? Changed birth control? Maybe your hormone levels have changed and you’re body is trying to get all the baby making in while it still can? Have you started watching the show Outlander? Any of the aforementioned could cause a sudden increase in libido. Especially that last thing…