Is it normal to be itchy in pregnancy?

Ok…I have a weird question here. When you guys were pregnant, did you guys find yourselves ridiculously itchy? Every single time I eat anything, it doesn’t matter what it is; about 10-15 mins later, I am itchy all over. At first glance, I would’ve called it a good allergy, but it’s pretty much every single thing I eat. If you did experience this, how did you deal with it? I feel like I’m going insane.


I itched thru both of my pregnancies…

You should tell your doctor ASAP!! I had cholestasis during my pregnancy & I was EXTREMELY itchy. I would wake up at night to scratch & I needed to be induced early bc it’s dangerous for the baby. Call your doctor & tell them you’re very itchy & they should do a blood test.


I knew a woman who was diagnosed with pups

It may be part of stretch marks coming too. I used belly butter by burtz bees and it was amazing for stretch marks and itchiness!

What Melanie Camacho said!!! Don’t ignore it!

Tell your doctor. It could be nothing or could be something. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry!!!

Can be a sign of liver problems… u need to see a doctor 4blood tests x

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Itching isn’t necessarily abnormal in pregnancy. Your skin is stretching. I also got PUPPs with my son. It was annoying but not dangerous. However it being triggered by food is odd. Ask your OB.

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Tell the Dr ASAP xxxx

It may be caused by the stretching skin, when i was itchy during pregnacy i used aveeno daily moisturizing body wash and the exact same lotion it really helped me

My sil was like this she had cholestasis its really dangerous for you a baby please talk to your doctor asap

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I was super itchy every where my entire pregnancy. My doctor said it was just my skin stretching rapidly…I used baby oil and it was a life saver.

Definitely talk to your doctor.

I was insanely itchy during and after. My issue though was stress hives from anxiety and, well, stress.

But itching can be a sign of a serious problem so definitely get checked out.

Please contact your doctor! Itchiness can be a real problem in pregnancy, please please see your doctor!!!

Let your doctor know. Sometimes it’s just due to the skin stretching, others could be PUPPS (if you have a rash) that’s not dangerous or it could be Cholestasis (no rash) that’s very very dangerous.

Ive started being sooo itchy aswell im 25 weeks pregnant

Please have it checked out. It could also be something regarding liver and or kidneys when pregnant.

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I have hep c, and was EXTREMELY itchy my last pregnancy. Like, miserable, not sleeping, digging at myself itchy. It’s because my liver was having trouble detoxing as it should during pregnancy.

That could be a sign of a serious kidney infection. Definitely ask your midwife because it can be dangerous in later pregnancy