Is it normal to be sad before baby comes?

I’m 19 and 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was put on an antidepressant, which seems to be helping me. However, I’m overwhelmed lately between fighting with my bf and being around my toxic mother. I have a few friends since becoming pregnant. I’m not working and In college at the moment. I’ve tried to get back to work; however, people don’t want to hire a pregnant person, but I do plan on going back to work after the baby comes. Due to this I’ve become sad and want to cry all the time. Everything irritates me, and I’m so uncomfortable being that I’m so pregnant. Is being sad before delivery normal?


Yes maam. I had a hard time with depression with my son during pregnancy and also post partum. Its rough but stay strong momma! I’m currently 4 months pp and my depression is good some days but some days it’s also up and down!

Absolutely! I was very moody while pregnant, most of the time being frustrated and sad. Just be sure to watch for post partum depression after you give birth! I got it pretty bad after I had my son, and I needed meds. Good luck to you!

I’ve battled depression because I can’t work either and girl it does suck! I’m 35 weeks and can’t wait to have my own source of income again. We will get through this! Time is going to fly by once the baby is here and then we can start gaining our independence again. Stay focused on the goal and keep busy.

Sure it is. Your body is preparing for the last stages when birth happens. Try to redirect your emotions by when you start feeling sad go to your babys room and focus on all the things being ready. Go for a walk. Call a friend.

Yes! I was induced when i was 42 weeks. I was 16 at the time and i was the same way

You can always send me a friends request on here and ill help you through this :blush: i know its hard

Hormones are ravaging your body and your mind - try to breathe and focus on good things

Yes, being depressed in pregnancy is so common. Talk to your ob about going on antidepressants

I was there too. Pretty much the same situation only I also had boyfriend mother trying to force an abortion. My baby is now 27 and a mommy herself, and her grandma is like another mother to me. Keep your chin up and remind yourself that you are strong. You can do this. Everything will work itself out IF you want it too. You are your own best friend, and responsible for the happiness and we’ll being of the little baby that you are about to have… U can do this :heartpulse:

It is very common. Being stuck in limbo under ANY circumstances and having depression is horrible!!! Listen to some music, dance and clean if you need to, sing at the top of your lungs and hold your belly when you do it. Pretending to hold your baby offsets endorphins in your brain and just imagine holding yhe baby

You’ve got so much going on, put pregnancy in the mix and it feels like world war in your mind. Totally normal girl and I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time! Take care of you and go do something you really love to do, just you and baby. These last few weeks are the hardest. Push through, you’ll have a beautiful face looking at you soon and nothing else will matter. You got this!!:heart::+1:

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Absolutely normal! Please research hospitals that offer group counseling with expecti g moms and mothers just like you. Its nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s common. I was 18 when I had my first. You mention you’re in school and planning to work when baby comes. Do take some time off from finding work. Your baby is important. Trust me. I’m doing the schooling thing too, and even just school, it’s hard. So relish the time with your little one. I do! :wink: pm me if you need someone to talk to.

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I felt the same way. I had horrible prenatal depression. Its going it be ok baby girl. You got this!

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Take care of yourself. Tell bf to leave u alone. As far as mom tell her to stop her crap. Take care of your precious baby. Was in same place you are. Went to school after and became nurse.

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So maybe you’re not depressed. Maybe you’re just around toxic people who bring you down.

Do you have support from else where if your mum is toxic and you bf isnt helpful? If you can reach out to those in your network having help makes all the difference

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Up It 8s depression and mot normal. Seek counseling and assistance. It is an understandable reaction to the issu4s and conflicts arising now. But your mental state, your emotions affects your child greatly. Speak to your doctor or school counselors for some form of assistance. You can still do everything and have a successful life and be a great mom. Just seek some supports.

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Ya its normal. Those hormones can definitely send you on a rollercoaster ride. Try getting out for a walk or read, or do something that will deserted you, and get yourself out of your own head. I find that’s useful when I need a break.