Is it normal to cramp in early pregnancy?

I just found out I was pregnant. I went to the doctor for what I thought was a uti, because I was having back pain and small cramps every once in a while. Turns out it was a baby!!! Yay! Is cramps and back pain normal? There is no blood. The cramps are not terrible and are mostly when I lay down. I didn’t have cramps with my first.


the cramps can be considered normal from the round ligament pain or dehydration. make sure u take enough water in. i would advise taking in extra water. maybe try stretching to see if that helps, a chiropractor might help some as well make sure to tell them that ur pregnant when u go in though


Normal i thought i was getting my period but it never came im currently 30 weeks with twin girls :heart::heart:

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Yes. Very normal as long as no bleeding

Yes, it is called nesting pain. I had it around 4weeks tot 12 weeks. Just like menstruation cramps. Is the pain you feel when the baby is nesting in your womb

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It’s normal, I found out I was pregnant with my first the same way and he’s a completely healthy 1 year old!

Normal in the beginning. And I actually did bleed a little with my first baby around 12 weeks, it was scary but I just had to put it in God’s hands!

My doctor told me that when you feel discomfort and cramps like that early in the pregnancy it’s your hips in your back adjusting to be able to carry the baby as long as you’re not bleeding you’re perfectly fine

Yes. Could be round ligament pain. I cramped pretty bad the first four months.

Yes. I’m now almost 17 weeks and still sometimes get cramping. This is my third pregnancy and I always had cramping in the beginning

Yes. When I was pregnant with my second, I had light cramping almost constantly. It scared me at first because I didn’t have them with my first daughter, and I thought something was wrong with the baby. But she’s a strapping eight-year-old now, and the pregnancy was beautifully safe :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But if you ever feel like something is wrong, it’s always best to reach out to your OB. :heart:


Yes…normal :slight_smile: … And try not to compare this pregnancy with your last cuz ALL pregnancies are different. :two_hearts: I have 3 boys…two of which are just 12 months 1 week apart and NOTHING about any of my pregnancies (or deliveries) were alike at all lol…well, I guess other than I was carrying ALL BOYS :rofl: congratulations & goodluck! :slight_smile:

It was veeeeeery normal for me. I had back cramps too. It was how I first suspected i was pregnant. Your uterus is growing and stretching. Everyone is different though! Always check with your doctor. No question is over asked or too silly. :slight_smile:

Cramping was my first indicator that I was pregnant with every pregnancy.

:100: normal. Cramps were always my main pregnancy symptom lol.

Completely normal. It can sometimes be something bad, so it is always good to check with your doctor.
I found out I was pregnant with my last one at a post salmonella check up. My oldest 2, I just knew within a couple of days of getting pregnant.

I got them all the time too, thought it was my period coming since I was a little late but no it was a baby.

I cramped with my 2nd a lot.

Congrats. I don’t remember cramps except when I got a bad virus and the coughs would start up some spasmic cramps and soreness Dr gave me a safe cough med

I’m newly pregnant, around 2-3 weeks and I cramp every other day :woman_shrugging: doctors said it’s fine and nothing to worry about