Is it normal to feel a pulling feeling in your c-section incision?

I had an emergency c section almost two years ago (my first and only child) I haven’t had any issues with healing. But lately, I’ve been getting a pulling feeling at my incision, even like a heavy, waterlogged feeling in my uterus. I’m making a Drs appointment for this but I wanted some advice/reassurance in the meantime. Has anyone experienced this before?

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My last c section was 13 years ago and I still get the pulling pain especially is I lift something heavy or have has a very long physical work day (I work in the restaurant industry) nothing bad has ever come of it. I was told it’s from the scar tissue that builds up over the years. I am not sure if that is true or not because it did not come from a dr

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Ive never had that issue yet qnd I had my daughter almost 2 years ago w a c-section due to health issues I have but the only thing i have noticed lately is that i get an itchy burning feeling where my c-section scar is but I know that’s normal. I hope you get good news an re assurance. Nothing but prayers from my family to you.

I’ve had four, last one 2-17-19 and I feel it often… nothing to be alarmed about… but talking to your doctor would be helpful

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My emergency csection was exactly 10 years ago…and still have pains especially during and right after my monthly. Tell my Dr every time I see her and she tells me to massage it.

I just had my 3 rd c-section about 14 months ago. I haven’t had this feeling with any of mine after the first 6 months and I had my 3 c-sections more than 3 years apart each time. Sometimes my scar itches though.

I definitely have pulling in the scar area from c-section and hysterectomy. Especially during certain exercise, swimming, jumping on a trampoline… doctor says it is normal and to just push through the aches.

Im wondering if it could be related to rapid weight gain/loss

Lol been 7 years since last this year one qnd still have it yes

I still get the pulling pain in mine if I move just the right way dr said it’s normal also my incision site is still numb if I’m not looking and my bf rubs my stomach I dont feel it he got mad at first thought i was ignoring him but we figured out that i just have no sensation there and it’s been 6 years

I sometimes get a sharp pain or pulling feeling too. Specially after doing something strenuous. It’s major surgery, nerves and muscles are damaged. Apparently it’s normal, not very happy about it but I’ll have to accept it now…

I had my 2nd one 7 months ago and I never had that feeling just numbness and I worked unloading trucks I’m short only 5ft , but everyone’s experience is different this c-section the recovery was extremely different from my last which was a 3 year gap.
Good luck

I’ve had 3 c sections and I feel that same feeling from time to time. If I sit up too fast or lift something heavy. It’s normal.

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It will always feel like that and that area will always be numb. I’ve had 3 and my youngest is almost 12.

I was told it is nerve endings trying to reconnect. Ive had 3 c sections and a laparotomy. Each time I felt it. And still to this day I get it, my youngest is 8. That area never fully recovers

I have had 4 c-sections & I don’t feel hunger pains, like its numb still & my 1st was 25yrs ago my last was 14yrs ago. But once a month my abdomen feels heavy…if that makes sense.

I had 2 my last being almost 16yrs ago & I can’t say I have ever had this feeling.

Yup, totally normal!

Scar tissue I have same problem and my C-section was 30 yrs ago

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I still feel this from time to time and my last c section was 9 years ago