Is it normal to feel alone as you get older?

Is it normal to feel alone as we age?i have two kids with lives of their own. They only call me when they need something. After they get it, then I’m alone again. I really feel alone and hurt.I take care of my husband of 67, who has been disabled for years now, and I work all day. he sleeps in one room I sleep in another. I can’t keep up working and taking care of him I have no time for me .is it wrong to feel used


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Have you told your husband your feelings? Start by sleeping in the same room.

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No it is not unusual to feel used and unloved. You’re perfectly normal. You lose contact with you kids as they have their own life and if you remain caregiver to your husband it is totally normal to feel like a parent dying for adult company.
You sound sad. Try joining groups and spending time in a new hobby. And we a professional for guidance if you start to wallow. It’s normal to want time of your own after caring for everyone else



I never could understand why Children/Grandchildren REFUSE TO BE OF ANY ASSISTANCE…but, CAN COME AROUND, WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING.

I’m :pray:t5: For STRENGTH.


Can you possibly organise some respite care for your husband on a regular basis Even 1 weekend a month .
ASK your kids to take turns . So that you can have some time for yourself .
Kids only calling when they need something , seems to be a fairly common issue .


Perhaps some in home pca care can help take of your husband time to time so you can go out and get some you time.


I feel this and I’m 28. I don’t have a spouse but my children and the people around me make me feel used. I’m told to get hobby’s and ask for help myself it’s not really helpful. I’ve thought about therapy maybe give tat a shot?

Sadly kids are caught up in their own lives …
Ask for some help with your husband. No one should be worn out doing home care… I get where you are…
We understand the loneliness… and we are here to talk… and we care.

I agree. Try to arrange for respite care for your husband so you can get out and do what you want to do. Or even a home health aide to help with his personal care. In some cases a homemaker. Some places may have a different name for it. But all 3 would help you and relieve some of the stress you are facing. Theses offer wonderful services for families. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. I used to do respite care, HHA (home health aide) and home maker. I would still be doing it if it wasn’t for my epilepsy. You could qualify for all three and depending on insurance would be how often you would get help and how many hours a week and month. And the aides are wonderful to talk to as well.

Nope. Sounds like my mom. My god thought she was writing until you said age. N stop giving till they start coming around. Even if it’s on a Sunday morning for some coffee. My brothers treat my mother this way n also always by for their in laws on holidays birthdays ect. N her n husband sleep in separate rooms also. Lol. Mom is this you?? Lol. No. But made it an obligation for her to know I’m their for everything n anything n always make time for my mama. Sundays for coffee quick breakfast. Flea market fridays. N arts n crafts with my little one.

I’m in a different stage in my life. Single mom with two babies. If you ever want to chat, I feel very much the same. :heart:

You are more than entitled to caters in throughout the day! X

Sleep in d same room with your husband that should help unless he is a miserible person thats what kids do in these times they misunderstand what is LOVE

No it’s not wrong u feel that way. Maybe tell the kids u can’t help or have a heart to heart with them.


This makes me so sad for you. Join a group of some sort, a church, a club, something! You deserve a life of your own.


I’m sorry… go for a walk to the park and hopefully you can meet people, or post something on your Facebook group, other people might feel the same way and would love the idea of hanging out with you.
Best of lucks :two_hearts:


No it’s not wrong and the fact that you’re asking means you’re probably at your breaking point message me if need be if not please get ahold of an in home nurse to help take some of that burden off your shoulders.


Wish I was your friend :heart::revolving_hearts: