Is it normal to feel pelvic pressure at 17 weeks?

I might miss my regular doctor’s appointment tomorrow due to the two storms hitting back to back. I’m 17 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Has anyone else experienced pressure in their pelvis at this point? I know it might be normal, but it didn’t happen with my first two. The best way I can describe what it feels like is, “It feels like I’m 40 weeks pregnant, and the head and body is in place preparing for labor.” It’s that kind of pressure. Any advice, or has anyone else ever experienced something similar, and things turned out okay?


Currently 17 wks and feeling the same way , but it doesn’t last long .

Yes it’s normal almost feels like you’re sitting on them I’ve had this with all of mine

currently 20w5d and i’ve been feeling like that for about 2 months now lol this pregnancy is sooooo different than my first. i. am. miserable. :joy::joy::joy:

It’s normal I had it with mine

My last boy was like that … he was born facing up (with about 30 seconds of being vaccuumed) instead of down… only difference in my case anyways… but I had that pressure pretty well from when I started feeling movements

I haven’t had that. But I been feeling like my back/hip hurts on one side and it makes me limp for a bit. Or groin pain :sob:

Try not lift anything heavy

I’m 23 weeks and have been feeling this since 20 weeks. My two pregnancies have been the exact same except this time I have a posterior placenta (anterior with the first). My OB said it wasn’t anything to worry about because I had just had my anatomy scan and my cervix was still long. But it sure doesn’t feel all that great when it happens randomly. Talk to your OB for some reassurance.

i felt that way from 12 weeks to 16-17 doctor said it’s normal this is my second baby my first i didn’t feel this until the very end so i was concerned at first as well it’s uncomfortable ! lol currently 18 weeks it went away for now

I had that happen my last pregnancy and I had a mild infection that required antibiotics. I would get checked.

Yes had with my last…like that whole pregnancy

It’s totally normal. I felt it with my daughter. It may feel uncomfortable. But, its totally normal.

I’m 25 weeks and have been feeling this since about 17 weeks also. This is my third pregnancy and I never felt it with my first 2. He is currently flopping around right on top of my cervix😳

I’ve been carrying my 2nd low. Normal yes. Uncomfortable yes yes!!
Good luck mama

Yes but everything will rise up soon when your uterus is flush with your belly button . Relax it’s normal . Lots of pressure and growing the next couple weeks

I had it with my 3rd baby and was told it could happen sometimes, but I was also monitored very closely for the rest of my pregnancy. I would do everything in my power to make it to that appointment and speak with your doctor in detail about this.

I didnt not that early I would at least call the Dr

Go to that appt or get another in a day or two