Is it normal to get hot flashes in pregnancy?

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Yes - between the hot flashes, nausea, and Charlie horses in my leg, my first pregnancy was absolute misery for me.

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Almost 32 weeks. I get them all the time! :weary:

Yes🙂 I had some scary hot flashes when pregnant… I had to sit down and take a few minutes and couldn’t move I felt like I was on fire. Hormones are all over the place.

Yes, and night sweats too

Is there a time in a womans life when it’s not? Hot flashes are part of the package.

Definitely, Iv had moments where I have been stood outside on my doorstep in my bra in the snow :rofl: with my partner looking at me like Iv gone crazy :rofl::see_no_evil: xx

I never got hot flashes with any of my 4…3 pregnancies