Is it normal to get postpartum 3 years later?

I have a question for you to post is it possible/normal to have postpartum 3 yrs later. My daughter just turned three, and ever since her 3rd birthday in August, I have felt worthless, angry, sad, and so much more. The worst is feeling like my man is cheating on me or no longer wants to be with me. I have never been the jealous type or the kind to mistrust him, and he hasn’t ever given me a reason to. He is the best man and daddy. He works hard and long hours to support us. I feel tired all the time and have 0 energy or enthusiasm for anything. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I crazy?


Prayers :pray:Ive been there

Sounds like situational depression


Get rid of him focus on being a good mommy


by definition postpartum depression begins within one year of delivery


I don’t think its PPD. Its just depression


I had PPD after both my boys and my doctor said it could develop within one year

Go to doc, see if your thyroid is ok


Go to your Md for a physical. Could be something else.


No you have low testosterone and your hormone levels need to be checked. It’s a simple blood test to check them. Look into biote pellets they will change your like and your husband as well

Sound more like depression and resentment. Low energy, anger, hurt,sad,all are symptoms. Nothing is wrong with seeking help.

Unfortunately it’s not PPD it’s most likely depression from things in life an sometimes your body changes and life changes you after children an your moods will go crazy and yiu think you are too, if it’s to much for you either talk with someone and see if that helps you feel better getting things off your mind and then possibly talk to your doctor if worrys you

It sounds like depression. See your doctor and explain how you’re feeling.

I’ve often think about this. I have a 17 month old and I think I developed it later. Idk what it is. The only way to get to the bottom of it is talk to a doctor. Sometimes meds will help and sometimes it’s talk therapy.

Ppd is supposed to be gone by 6 months if you are depressed ots just regular depression

My son is 3 and you literally just described my every emotion. I can not even explain how exactly there I am with you.

That’s just depression…

Probably been there all along just realizing it now

It does sound like you’re experiencing depression or anxiety…however it’s probably not post partum because you’re past the window of the hormone fluctuations from birth to be the cause.
That doesn’t make it any less real and that doesn’t mean you don’t need to confront it any less.
You do.
I would start by speaking with your doctor and/or trying to get an appointment with mental health clinic

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Check with Dr ladies it might just be pmdd 🤷

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