Is it normal to grieve a miscarriage when you didn't know you were pregnant?

So back in July, July 20th I had a miscarriage while I was at work. I didn’t know that I was pregnant. Is it ridiculous that it still hurts even though I didn’t know. (I had mirena @ the time) Everytime it pops up in my mind I can’t help but bawl.


Yep it was part of u even if it was a short time

I would think so. You lost a piece of you and your partner. A small miracle that you carried in you even though you didn’t know. I’m sorry for your loss.


Yes, it was your baby!

You have every right to grieve for a lost child of yours

Yes, whether that little beginning of life was with you for a moment or a lifetime, it was, and of course would be grieved.

Yes. Regardless if you knew or not… that’s your baby. My heart hurts for you :heart:

Absolutely. So sorry for your loss. I still grieve for mine. BIG HUGS​:heart::heart::heart:

It’s been 7 years for me and still it hurts it’s completely normal tho

I’m sorry for your loss. Of course you lost part of you & your partner, you have every right to grieve that was your child.

Of course it is normal. You suffered a loss. My mom that’s 81 had two. She still at times talks about it and grieves about those lost babies.

Absolutely. I still grieve 20 years later for my 3.

Finding out that you’re pregnant is so emotional and at the same time you found out you are no longer pregnant. I imagine it would be a highly emotional situation. Cry it out and I am so sorry you are going through this.


Why do you need validation from people on Facebook, if that’s how you feel than that’s how you feel

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Of course it’s normal. Life begins at conception and you knowing about the baby or not knowing does NOT make him/her any less significant to your life.

It’s completely normal to mourn the loss of potential life whether you were aware of the pregnancy or not… you were aware of the loss and from that comes the grief.
I wish I could say it gets better, but, it does not. You just learn how to handle it better. ** I know that’s a rather asshole-y way to say it. But I’m not good at lying…

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5 months along - July 2016

I haven’t been here in a over a year
First time I’ve seen where I lost you
I still wonder…
what you would’ve looked like?
What you would’ve sounded like?
What would’ve made you laugh?
I think about…
How it would feel to love you?
How it would feel to see you be loved?
How things would be different if you were here?
I tried to be strong but In doing so all it did was weaken me… I tried to not feel the pain of losing you but in doing so all it did was kill me slowly… I tried to forget but in doing so all it did was imbed it in my memory.
I wish I would’ve known, I wish you were here, I wish I knew you… maybe you could’ve fixed it all, maybe you would’ve been the missing piece in all this disorder.
For all my life I’ll always wonder about you, I’ll always wonder what you could’ve been, I’ll always wonder who you would’ve been.
I hope to one day forgive myself for being so unaware… so unaware for not knowing I had you until I lost you.

I didn’t know… I was five months pregnant and had no idea… it’s a loss I’ll never get over.

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It seems like early miscarriage is not recognized but it still hurts.

I didn’t. Its usually just natural selection… a healthy way of discarding an abnormal pregnancy. Im ok with that.