Is it normal to have a stuffy nose in pregnancy?

I’m eight weeks pregnant (second pregnancy), and I’ve heard that a blocked nose/sneezy nose is quite a common symptom in early pregnancy, which I’ve never heard of before, but I’ve been suffering for nearly a week; no other symptoms so I don’t have a cold and never had allergies. Just wondering if anyone else has or has had this symptom and how long it lasted because it’s getting sooo annoying, and I cant even take any decongestants!?


Girl, I’ve been battling congestion since day one, and I’m due any day now. Zyrtec, Flonase, Neti pot have been my friends. I also sleep at an incline and with a diffuser.

I hope it does not happen but my oldest suffered her whole pregnancy.

Pregnancy congestion is common. I had it every pregnancy during the whole time. So not the business.

I am 25 weeks and have had it since September. I use allergy medicine and it helps, but with the cold weather my nose is now becoming dry and stuffy at the same time. It sucks.

I had it on and off with all of my 3 pregnancies.

Always my first pregnancy symptom

I seemed to have allergies while pregnant bot not any other time

Whole freaking pregnancy

Super common. My first symptoms with all 3 of my babies was a slight cold.

Yes. That is how I knew I was pregnant the second time. It lasted all pregnancy and I’m not even kidding within hours of giving birth both times I was clear!! It was insane!

I recently learned this too. This is the only pregnancy I’ve had this problem. :weary:

I stayed stuffy my entire pregnancy :unamused:

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My sister suffered bad in pregnancy with stuffy nose…Think you can use vicks vapour rub but double check

Blame hormones everything swells.

Yes! When you’re pregnant your mucus membranes swell up. Including sinuses.

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I didn’t really have a stuffy nose but during my third pregnancy I would get random nose bleeds. Before that I had never had a nose bleed in my life and also haven’t had one since I had her. She’s a little over a year now.

Super common! This happened the whole time i was pregnant with my son

I’m now 17 weeks, and I’ve literally been stuffy for what feels like forever!

Yes the WHOLE pregnancy. Chronic sinusitis is what I had, then had to have tonsils removed because it created sooo many tonsil stones.

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