Is it normal to have labor pains in your back at 33 weeks?

Please post for me! I am 33 weeks pregnant, and off and on for about three weeks, I get severe, severe back labor type pains when I go poop. Only when I push to poop. Sorry, it’s so TMI, but I am terrified that if a poo could cause this severe of pain, what are my contractions during labor going to do. I have two other children already and had them both all-natural. My last I did have back labor with, but these pains I’ve been getting in my back when going number two are way worse. I’m genuinely concerned about why this is happening.


Please don’t push too much when you poop. I had painful back and pelvis area in the morning before I started getting gusts of blood in the evening. I was brought to ER that night & was told cervix is slowly dilating but only felt labor pains 2 days after. I got ECS at 34 weeks due to raptured amniotic sac. Call your doctor just to be sure.

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Constipation is one key second only go whenbits ready to come and plop out

Could actually be the other way around. With my first I was having contractions and back labor and I thought I had to use the bathroom

If you’re taking iron you may want to take magnesium or a stool softener.

Yes I did till I delivered and they get worst

You need to contact your midwife or ob. This needs to be addressed by a professional.

Talk to your medical professionals about sterile water papules for back labor :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::100::100::100:

Pain is more than likely from having poop impaction/constipation. Change you diet for more fiber and lots of water.

You may be having preterm labor and dilating. The fact that you are having to poop when you have the pains is somewhat concerning. I would definetely go get checked out. 33 weeks is too early and you may need to be put on bed and or pelvic rest. Please go get seen.

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Go see your doctor​ . Stop putting yourself through the stress of not knowing !! Best of luck .

If its only during bowel movements I would tbi k that its muscles reactio s like Braxton hicks.
Be vigilant though. Try to drink more water so things come easiesr…lest strain. Your next visit to Dr. please talk to him/her about your symptoms.

Definitely go see your doctor. You might be in preterm labor. I had horrible back labor with my first. But 33 weeks is to early

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Call the provider exchange and have them call you back. It may be preterm labor or a very posterior baby . Always check with your doctor. It may mean a trip to the hospital but you don’t want a baby at 33 weeks …

Go to the doctor for your sake and the babies safety. Dont listen to others it is all different with everyone.

Go see the doctor don’t self diagnose yourself be safe

Not trying to sound rude but when you have a concern like that during a pregnancy you should always call your dr. Not post your concerns to Facebook. You need to seek medical care ASAP. I hope that everything is okay with you and the baby


Go to the emergency room to be safe you may be inactive labor i have had 6 children and all were natural but you can’t treat every pregnancy the same. don’t wait because your water can break and you rather be in the right place when it happens.

I would definitely speak to my Dr if I were you- but if you’re seeking similar experiences, I can tell you- I totally relate.
Stool softener became a pill my OBGYN made me take as regularly as my prenatal vitamins.
As I got bigger, my uterus pressed against my colon. Constipation became a constant problem- and full bowels stuck between my lower spine and my belly caused pains similar to Braxton Hicks or premature labor. They’d get worse while straining to use the restroom, and get a lot better afterwards. Sometimes my sciatic nerve would act up- but with everything going on in there- it was no surprise.
But lemme be clear- it was a STOOL SOFTENER- not a laxative- that I took. Laxatives can make your bowels contract, and can trigger labor spasms.
ALWAYS talk to your doctor about pregnancy problems.
This might be a nice place to find people who can relate- but our experiences are not always the same as yours, nor should they be used as medical advice.
That being said- if what’s going on is becoming a genuine concern for you- please see a professional. We’ll still be here to give you a place to vent afterwards. :wink:


It may be braxten Hicks. I’ve had six children and began to feel pressure from 32 weeks on. Although don’t ignore sharp pains. Consult your doctor, yes most deffinately, you may go into labour a couple weeks early.