Is it normal to have pelvic pressure at 17 weeks?

I might miss my regular doctor’s appointment tomorrow due to the two storms hitting back to back. I’m 17 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Has anyone else experienced pressure in their pelvis at this point? I know it might be normal, but it didn’t happen with my first two. The best way I can describe what it feels like is, “It feels like I’m 40 weeks pregnant, and the head and body is in place preparing for labor.” Its that kind of pressure. Any advice, or has anyone else ever experienced something similar, and things turned out okay?


I had that feeling as well at around the same time! My dr said it’s normal

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3rd pregnancy yes
Gets worse and earlier each pregnancy
Invest in a belly band if u can. Lifesaver


I’m currently 20 weeks with baby 3 and I swear a couple weeks ago felt like I was in labor from the way it felt. I was told it’s normal? :pensive:

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Yep! I’m Pregnant with baby 4 and totally normal… still make sure you bring up to doctor just like anything that worries you in the slightest bit!

It has worked for me to put a cold washcloth in your pelvic area.
Im 11 weeks, second baby and i feel some pressure as well. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m feeling exactly like this and I’m only 13 and half weeks. It concerns me alot, this is my 2nd prengnacy

Yes I’m 18 and I had alot of pelvic pressure early and your pelvic is stretching and it feels like alot of pressure

Am on my 3rd pregnancy and similar symptoms at 26 weeks had it from about 20 and my boobs are leaking a lot xx

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My 2nd pregnancy I had pelvic pressure pretty much my whole pregnancy.

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hips spreading? round ligament pain? lots of changes going on during these next few weeks but always go with your gut feelings :wink:

I had that bad with my first pregnancy… come to find out it was my cervix… lots of medical interventions hospital bedrest and a baby born at 32 weeks…

I’m on my 5th pregnancy and my dr said with more pregnancies the earlier you’ll probably feel things.

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have felt the same pressure on and off and don’t remember experiencing it with my first 2 but the doctor told me its normal and the baby looks good and healthy.
Still if you can make it to your appointment you should or at least talk with your doctor over the phone about it if not.

Second pregnancy. Severe pelvic pain and pressure since 16 weeks. I have pubic symphysis separation. Its not fun at all. I go to physical therapy every week to keep me mobile and to help me learn different positions to keep comfortable/ease it. Belly band when standing and walking to relieve the pressure and a towel under my belly when I’m sitting so the belly band isn’t pushing down when I’m sitting.

I had that same feeling. It was around 15 weeks. By the end of my pregnancy I do go see my obgyn because it was so much pressure that I thought I was crownin.everything was good.

Yes I had so much pelvic pain from week 15 until I delivered. Belly band helps some.

Yes with my second. I had Braxton hicks around 32 weeks as well. Everything was more intense.

Poster here. She said it was normal. That the more pregnancies you have, the “looser” everything becomes. But it’s completely normal.


Yep. Prego with #6. Resting and staying hydrated are the key.