Is it normal to have post partum 3 years after giving birth?

Is it normal to have postpartum depression three years after my son was born? I am TIRED. I’m drained. I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. I even feel like a bad mom at times because I don’t give my son the time he deserves. I love him more than my own life, but I’m not a perfect mom. I haven’t got dolled up since I was pregnant. I feel like my son deserves better.


I’m going to follow this for the fact that I’m 8 months pregnant with my second child and feel this way already about the baby inside me and my 4 year old. Postpartum depression is real…and it sucks…


I swear i have had it for 14 years.
Please speak to someone even your ob at a check up can help you

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I’m in the same boat. My son is three and I have not been the same since he was born.


Ppd is within the first year or so. This sounds like normal depression.


Yes…I was diagnosed with it when I got pregnant with #2 and #1 was just over 2yo.

I don’t know for sure, but my educated guess would be: probably. If you think of how whacked your hormones get and the possibility of them not returning to normal it’s possible that you still have depression as a result of the hormones getting messed up. But my advice would be to talk to your doctor.

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At that point, it would just be classified as depression… not post partum. Ask your primary care for your next step.


I think technically PPD is only after 18mo but it sounds like it’s still depression. Regardless of how you want to label it, please reach out for help.


I haven’t been the same since I found out I was pregnant with my son. And he’s a little over two. So going on three years about.

My dr told me that yes it can happen. Normally it is usually only diagnosed after 12-18 months but shes says some women can be diagnosed years later

Have your iron checked as well, I was drained like that for years after I had my kids, and finally I found a dr . Who checked my iron levels and sent me to an oncologist to give me iron injections, after that I felt so much better and was like a brand new person

Forget the primary they’ll just put you a basic anti depressant. If you can go straight to a psychiatrist. You’ll talk to them and tell them EVERYTHING and then they can find a medication that works for you!!! PS, seeing a psychiatrist doesn’t mean you’re crazy. They specialize in chemical embalance that effect moods, thoughts etc. They also treat kids with ADHD and children aren’t crazy.


I would go see your primary doctor and get a full blood panel done. You could have something wrong with your thyroid which is very common after pregnancy.

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If you never got treated for postpartum depression then yes absolutely you could have it even three years later. It’s not just depression, it’s because of the pregnancy and changes to your body and hormones! Go in and talk with your doctor. It’s never too late for help.

I know that everyone has his own opinion…but I was feeling so rundown lately…my youngest being 1ye and 7months…jus buy some strong vitamins…and after 2 weeks of taking them ull feel much better…dont start saying its depression jus because your always tired…your tired cause u need to take care of urself too

you should be clinically diagnosed by a physician to really call it anything. However, it’s fair to say you may be suffering from depression alone and should seek professional advice.

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I still have it 6 years later

Won’t be considered ppd but normal depression.

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Untreated PPD will just morph into regular depression. I have an almost 4 1/2 year old and most days are hard for me, I’m buried in negative self talk, feel like a failure, and have major anxiety issues.