Is it normal to lose your mucus plug at 16 weeks?

So before I go on, I have already contacted my Dr, and I’m waiting for them to call me back If. I am pregnant with my 2nd boy, and I’m currently 16weeks. As of today, I had a decent size part of my mucus plug fall out. Now I know it remakes itself and builds back up till it’s time to fall out, but with my son, I didn’t start losing my plug till the 3rd trimester, And I lost it in huge pieces over the course of my 3rd trimester till I had him. My question is, has anyone lost part of their plug this early, and everything be alright? I’m having some slight cramps around my tummy and my back; I’m just needing some advice to be at ease till my Dr calls back.**


Yes completely alright! My mom got hers dislodged by the doctor when she was 16 weeks with my brother! It comes back after 24 hours so just wait a bit before doing the deed or taking a bath :blush:

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As long as your aren’t having spotting/bleeding you’re most likely fine. I’ve been losing pieces since around the same time & am 23 weeks now & no worries about it. It’s grows back

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Idk but
Keep hydrated either way
Being dehydrated can cause cramps and contractions and can cause dilation

As long as your not seeing your blood show you should be fine and you might be having cramps because you might be dehydrated but if you feel you need to go to the ER to get check you should go because mama is always right

Go to ER or urgent care just to be safe

Yep. Had big piece of mine come out at 15 weeks baby was fine dr said lots of things will come out of there from now till the baby comes made me feel better and grossed out at the same time. My daughter made it to 35 weeks and is healthy


Depends on the situation. Best to go to urgent care or the er to get checked out while you wait to hear back from your doctor.

Mine has been doing that this pregnancy as well! (Also my second pregnancy)! It’s so strange!

I lost part of mine a few weeks ago (I’m 19wks), everything is still fine. I read it’s normal for some women to lose pieces of it throughout the pregnancy starting in the second trimester but it regenerates. I wouldn’t worry too much, but I’d you start bleeding or cramping bad in anyway, don’t wait for your dr to call you back, go straight to the ER

I lost a good part of mine when I was pregnant with my second at around 23 weeks. I delivered two days past her due date with no issues

I’d definitely be careful just in case. This happened to me at 23+3. Got woken up in the morning at 6am with what I thought was Braxton Hicks, walked around for 15 minutes, had to pee and I lost my entire mucus plug and had my daughter 6 hours later.

Typically it is nothing, especially if there is no blood, weird smell,cramping, or excessive fluid, or other pain. It just falls apart and regrows basically the entire time you are pregnant.
With that said there can be serious reasons for this and potentially devastating results. If you have no other symptoms wait on your dr. If you have ANY other symptoms er/maternity ward now

I lost large chunks throughout my entire pregnancies. I wouldn’t be concerned unless you start leaking fluid

I would go to the er just to be safe especially with cramping.

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Sorry but i wouldnt be waiting for a call back id be going hospital to get checked (for your own peace of mind) hope all is well though x


I lost my mucus plug and it wasn’t bloody. It was like snot out of a nose. I then went into labour 4 days later. I wouldnt wait oy way to know is going to delivery suit x

I did this from 12 weeks on with both of my daughters!!! Neither came out on their own! My dr told me as long as it wasn’t red bloody or leaking fluids not to worry.

Got to the hospital and get a through check. I lost mine at 29weeks, had cramps…so I thought… and ended up having my baby 12 weeks early. Was my first kid too so I had no idea what was going on. Spent 12-13 weeks watching my baby in an incubator. Was no fun at all. Get checked hun and good luck.

Your mucus plug can regenerate many times between now and due date. If your doctor doesn’t call back and you’re worried call the local labor and delivery ward or go in and be checked out.