Is it normal to measure further along than what you are?

I am 33 weeks pregnant however my doctors are measuring me at 36 weeks. Has this happened to anybody else? They aren’t moving my due date up. Just wondering if this is normal or if this is something I should be concerned about.


Yes, that’s normal. I measured further along with both of mine, and ended up having them both 2 weeks early!

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Yes and sometimes you will even out in the end and sometimes you will measure bigger than normal but either way things will be ok!

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No the baby will come when its ready

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I did with all three. my boys came 3 max 3 days early

I am predicting boy… lol jk i got huge with my son and was much smaller with my girls

Yes this happened with my daughter and most of the time it’s fine but she’s 3 now and just got done with another Ortho appt because she’s growing too fast for her body causing painful and too loose joints from the hips down. Not to scare you because again 98% of the time it’s totally normal. Her case isn’t common but can happen just so you have that knowledge for the future.

Normal. Good they are not moving your due date.
Seems they move it then end up wanting to induce labor cuz baby isn’t showing up.

In my personal experience, doctors are guessing based on averages that may or may not apply to your child and pregnancy, and are more interested in being in control than anything else. your baby doesn’t have a calendar in there, you’re already a fantastic mother and growing a baby just right, and don’t let doctors scare you into cutting the baby out of you earlier than your body and baby are done cooking - you’ll end up with a damaged body and a premature baby just to satisfy their calendar. Mothers are never pregnant forever.

My son measured a couple weeks up from what I actually was, actually ended up inducing early because they said he was going to be a 12 lb baby if I went past my due date and I wasnt about to do that :joy: he was 8.4 lbs at a week and half early.

I measured further along to with my 2nd baby. Had her on our schedule date. She was fine.

Measured two weeks ahead with all 3 of my children and my body sent them eviction notices at 38 weeks. :blush:

All of my boys measured a month ahead. They were all over 10 lbs

I was measuring like 20 weeks when I was 12 weeks along with my daughter. Turned out that I have a tilted uterus. If you’ve made it to 33 weeks and everything is measuring within reason, all babies grow at different rates. Due date isn’t necessarily based on the size of the baby, but the gestation and organ function that the baby has.

I did with my daughter, she was a big baby 10lbs 4 oz 21 inches long

Yes… They sometimes are off a little bit… Its normal…

Perfectly normal! I measured ahead for all 3 of my pregnancies. Nothing to worry about…your baby is growing well!

Dont put much stock in it. I was huge w my daughter as i had a ton of fluid. She was 7 lb 8oz.

Yeah… I knew EXACTLY when I got pregnant and I measured 4 weeks early both times. Both kids were LARGE.

Yep they did a bunch of tests wasted a ton of time, made me panic for nothing and he was right on time and right on measuring at 38 weeks. It started around 33 weeks where it was three weeks off and then evened back out. He was only 7lb 9oz when born.