Is it normal to spot after intercourse while pregnant?

Sorry for the TMI. So I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second. First baby dad left, so I raised my son (4yrs) by myself. Till I met my current boyfriend. We are expecting our second child. (First child together, second from each side) well, we just had intercourse. And when I went to the bathroom, I whipped and saw light blood. Is it normal? I only ask because, like I say my first baby dad left me. And it was just me and my boy. But I now live with my boyfriend.


yes it can be very normal.

Bleeding after sex while pregnant

I’m confused why the first baby dad leaving is a factor in asking about spotting. :face_with_monocle:
That just seems like an out of place detail. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Anywho- yes, I believe light spotting is normal at that stage.

Edit: ok so, some of y’all understood that she was trying to say she hadn’t had intercourse while pregnant the first time around. Which, now makes sense. lol
In my mind- I didn’t think about ~when~ he left (apparently it was immediately after telling him the news :expressionless:).
Anyway- got that cleared up. lol


She’s probably saying that because she was single and didn’t have sex with her first child so she isn’t sure if it’s normal :woman_shrugging:


Do you know your blood type? If you have negative RH factor, you should go to the hospital and see about getting a rhogam/winroh shot


Yes it is normal. So inside the vagina there are many capillaries that can get irritated with intercourse. If it is accompanied by pain/cramping definitely call your OB. I would still call in the am just for peace of mind. But also to give you peace of mind now, it’s fairly common. :heart:

It may be due to vaginal dryness that’s why you have spotting. I believe that’s normal, next time if you’re not lubricated enough use lubricant make sure its water based.


I spotted every time after sex for about a week (when I still didn’t know I was pregnant and was about 4-5 weeks pregnant). But it’s always best to check with your obgyn if it’s a lot or concerns you.


Totally normal mama, you good. Just keep an eye on it. If it were to get worse or you start to cramp real bad then you should call your doctor but all four of pregnancies my doctors reassured me of this and that it’s completely normal.


It’s much easier to irritate the cervix while pregnant, if you guys were being a little rough and really getting into things, you likely just got some irritation and should be fine. If there was more than just spotting or you’re having any pain, then go get checked.

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You should have it checked. May have a low placenta and need to take a break from intercourse.

Definitely worth asking about!

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I would get checked. Better to be safe then sorry. I had my son 2 months early so I’m not the one to take chances.


When pregnant your blood volume in your body increases. You’re cervix was irritated by having sex and your partner was maybe a little too rough. If it’s heavy bleeding, very dark like clotted blood or you don’t notice it stopping or trickles then go get checked. Other wise your partner needs just to be more gentle.

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I would get checked my best friend started spotting after intercourse and had her baby at 25 weeks better to be safe than sorry

Could be placenta previa- do you know if you have low lying placenta ? Worth getting it checked just incase

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Yes I did spot after and it is normal… if it’s heavy bleeding then that’s when to worry!

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I also didn’t have any intercourse my first pregnancy so I worried when I started spotting the first few times I had sex during my current pregnancy too. Im 33 weeks now and my baby is fine. As long as it’s not bright red, I wouldn’t worry but if you are worried ask your doctor.

Yes it is normal, but when there’s more than just spotting should go get checked. I went through the same thing and was so scared I lost my baby, so my fiancé and I went to the hospital for peace of mind. Now I have a healthy 5 month old!

Probs shud of rang healthline.